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CigarTigher's Karma

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7/25/2013Because I just like you. -Junkyard America
7/25/2013Hi Miss Witty Whit, have a good day! Philligan
7/25/2013Just because
7/24/2013Another fantastic avitar pic - 'MericaAddict
7/24/2013I like your new avatar pic. Very cute. I hope you meet up with Mr. Blue Eyes again -- John Kocktosen
7/24/2013To A Beautiful Person!!! TW
7/24/2013You're not very intelligent are you?
7/23/2013Blue eye thread was no good. listening to you crush on some guy.
7/23/2013Hey! I'm a Whittywoman : ) ~ Angelic_Warrior
7/23/2013Yep useless thread
7/23/2013Cute pup - ANHEDONIC
7/23/2013Green from saved
7/23/2013Well done on the baby picture!.... indiandave
7/22/2013Just wanted to say you look wondeful with you cowboy hat...New Heart
7/21/2013Materialistic whore
7/21/2013She is ugly and so are you, shill.
7/20/2013WHY do you have 2 accounts? FOTN ;-(
7/20/2013Look into my eyes Troll.
7/20/2013For being so dang level headed - Comedian
7/20/2013For the bump
7/20/2013Thanks for the cookie, karma, & warm welcome:)
7/20/2013Thanks for the good vibes, i's
7/19/2013Don't let anyone change you hon! Love wait...what?
7/19/2013Love your new pic, gorgeous! FooledMeOnce
7/19/2013I think you are a damn hero for hanging around here!!
7/19/2013Pretty AV
7/19/2013Thankyou for the thoughts.. cp
7/18/2013Sneakin in some green to ya! maguyver
7/18/2013Is "tigher" even a word? NO
7/17/2013You are finer than frog hair.
7/17/2013Thank you! As well as you!! :) ~ H0NEYBEE
7/17/2013Good to have you here! Susie...
7/17/2013Great post.... Karma from Gonviral
7/16/2013Love the Pic.. 4thhorseman
7/16/2013Why? because you're you :) from Rammstein Fan
7/16/2013You're a sweetie ... coco
7/16/2013You're a sneaky little troll. Most people haven't caught on yet.
7/16/2013You are a pretty lil cowgirl thang - Frank Rizo
7/16/2013Thanks Cigar - I like that picture too - was a really fun day. NICE THREAD - SO Refereshing to be "uplifted" on GLP!
7/16/2013Much green to you - Cloud Hidden
7/16/2013You are good , I like you !
7/16/2013Karma to a beautifll person! Troubled Waters
7/16/2013Green for the feeling down thread - Tard
7/16/2013Good Karma For you! Nikola Tesla
7/16/2013Love Gfg
7/16/2013Just because ~Double Black Diamond~
7/16/2013You know we love ya~Nostril
7/16/2013Thank you :) -Kid A
7/16/2013You're a sweetie, and very smart--eekers. thanks for the cookie! :)
7/16/2013Just love cute animal pix like this...
7/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/16/2013Nice thread Cigar :) Love Spirit666
7/16/2013Septenary Man
7/16/2013For the smile-SOT
7/16/2013Thx oLOVEz
7/15/2013You are wise beyond your years. MRoot
7/15/2013Big fan of the diseny musical cartoons....Pys
7/15/2013Thanks for the light hearted poll =}.
7/15/2013Tallafornian :-)
7/15/2013Love disney! Tethered Soul
7/15/2013No reason in particular, your posts and threads are just awesom and i love that you speak your mind <3 luckyophelia
7/15/2013You're beautiful! <3 from Little Willow
7/15/2013You are very sweet! Nice post!!
7/14/2013Ummm, no
7/14/2013Dr. Acula was here!
7/14/2013Love cigars...:))...Chas
7/14/2013Amaizing thread. pool
7/14/2013Green from Munsoned
7/14/2013You're an awesome soul! - Louve
7/14/2013Screw the naysayers! I think you're beautiful AND intelligent! St3v3
7/14/2013Liked Your Rant! - Peer Pressure Proof
7/14/2013For your awesome thread about that Zimmerman rioting shit.
7/13/2013Wow you are cuuuuute, Philligan
7/12/2013On food stamps
7/12/2013Apparent lack of intelligence.
7/11/2013I dont a fuck glasses,lol - KimmieAnnaJones
7/11/2013I second the post whore thing..
7/11/2013I hate to see children in pain... Agreed sister
7/11/2013Just cuz your awesome - 'Merica
7/11/2013Hello dinosaurchicken! for metal! Marax
7/10/2013I love your IQ just the way it is - Mr. Reality
7/10/2013For Baby penguins! from Ellusion :)
7/8/2013You are very smart
7/8/2013Post whore. contribute something of value.
7/8/2013Fly By Karma! Maguyver
7/8/2013You are stupid
7/8/2013You just lost all cool points with me
7/7/2013From Rammstein Fan- good thread
7/7/2013My hunch is you're a troll. You're just very sneaky about it.
7/7/2013Karma for seeing past a persons weight....indiandave
7/7/2013From one classy girl to another ;-). Oh_yikes
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