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7/7/2013Gentleman here, Love a Classy Lady. Rare find nowadays. Have a great Day Miss
7/6/2013The Austrian AC likes you.
7/6/2013Classy is the best same with gentlemen instead of boys -Steamrolled
7/6/2013Oops..Sorry for my confusing post.. . I meant Louisiana will be closer than you are now.. My 2 Cents
7/6/2013That ugly avatar
7/6/2013Fuck you are hot, email me cyaninternetdog@hotma​il.co.uk - Robert The Bobert.
7/6/2013You really are such a good kid - Sir Phy
7/6/2013Just one Sexy woman 4thhorseman
7/5/2013Great advice on the Marines thread
7/5/2013Good post-- train
7/5/2013Nice poontang
7/4/2013For being a tough and stand up woman on this forum. It ain't easy being black on here. ~Double Black Diamond~
7/3/2013Thumbs up for you
7/2/2013Sweetie,if that is really you,you are already in a heap of trouble. better ask your Mom if you can stay.
7/2/2013Child support thread, you're a fucking idiot.
7/1/2013Fugly creeper
7/1/2013Thank you. Jedi
7/1/2013Okay,...You just seem to cray out for good karma, have some on me. ~Z
6/30/2013Oh my gosh you are so gorgeous! Doom Serenity
6/29/2013Good Post Karma From Gonviral
6/29/2013Very kind
6/28/2013Good question on AK's (usmcvet216)
6/28/2013You are pretty! and nice. - fooledmeonce
6/28/2013Ignore the ignorant racists.-Evan
6/27/2013Good question I was thinking that too...
6/27/2013Good questions! Maybe one day well finally grow up. (reversefiction)
6/27/2013Love GFG
6/27/2013Fake. Only weirdos and spooks like to role play
6/27/2013Good post--- train
6/27/2013For your humor!~Luna
6/27/2013Racist scum
6/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2013Karma for you little lady!!! geminilion
6/27/2013Can your iq drop any lower?
6/26/2013Peace & Blessings TIC +1
6/26/2013Hate this, bitch!
6/25/2013You are halarious! from seer
6/25/2013Nah was here
6/24/2013You're adorable, karma for you!--eekers
6/24/2013I've had the same dream
6/24/2013A bit of green for some good posts! Maguyver
6/24/2013Thank you!! ibyte on 2
6/24/2013Attention hound
6/23/2013You r dumb to put your picture on a website like GLP
6/23/2013You're a good kid.
6/23/2013You're cool in my book - Martianprincess
6/23/2013If thats you, Your just a sexy woman....:)
6/23/2013That was hysterical! Nick@
6/23/2013If thats you in your avatar you are hot. Robert The Bobert
6/22/2013Damn your fine as wine.
6/22/2013Stfup and gtfo of our countries you muslim subhumans - from m&m's
6/22/2013Kind Regards from Prakil.
6/22/2013A voice of reason
6/22/2013My God, can you get any hotter? Post and ugly pic, your driving all the men crazy
6/21/2013With LOVE - Thowni
6/21/2013You would die from radiation before starving moran
6/20/2013Shill account that reeks of bacon
6/20/2013You are very wise! GT500
6/19/2013850 million American dollars spent on organ eating Syrian rebels Tell it like it is! You UR soCute
6/19/2013Are you on a Disney TV show? Pretty sure I saw you on Disney.
6/19/2013Fucking pedo, you're a dude and you've made that very clear. Also why the hell did you vote Obama twice. oh wait thats an easy answer.
6/13/2013Thanks for serving. I just got out of the Army. -Nighthawks
6/13/2013A combat vet here and i agree and respect you also ar15-nut 11bravo
6/13/2013Heck yeah
6/9/2013To offset that last red from the low i.q. idiot!
6/1/2013For having two accounts
5/12/2013Bone Funkenstein Crush Karma :)
5/12/2013America in steep decline! GT500
5/12/2013Pretty Lady
5/8/2013You get this for sticking your thumb up your own ass and sniffing it when you masturbate.
5/8/2013You are so obviously fake
5/7/2013Nice black person
5/7/2013Karma for you! geminilion
5/6/2013Not everyone is like you moron.
5/6/2013Stupid comment.
5/6/2013Blessings - Indysmindy
5/5/2013You're a wise girl :) From Seagal 695
5/5/2013Green for a pretty girl! nice to see there are ppl my age on here. -vixi
5/5/2013Let me fandango that pussy indeed
5/5/2013Peace, GT500
5/5/2013Muy caliente !!!!
5/4/2013Go watch yout football layers and go away
5/4/2013Great thread thank you
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