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10/14/2021We need moe brave people like this
10/14/2021Bless you - you are a hero - ElleMira
10/14/2021For being BRAVE about Life and making great decisions. Starbird Hugs
10/14/2021Good for u. we need more like u. 5:44am
10/14/2021For your courage! - The_Brave
10/14/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/10/2021Hello! Thanks for the bump! We Who Watch.
10/6/2021Read your Bible again
10/6/2021Absolutely, funny how vax is mark people always hide from this comment.
10/3/2021Hey angel. pool
10/3/2021Well fuck you
9/29/2021So disappointed to see your a pot head...
9/29/2021Congrats on upcoming nuptials!....Zenobia ;-)
9/29/2021Congratulations!! Texan Buckeye
9/26/2021BBQ Boy was here
9/4/2021Green from marooned
8/28/2021Good to see you ~BFD
8/17/2021Sorry your grandmother got talked into the shot. ;(
8/16/2021Even more green for you from JF priest
8/8/2021Thank you for posting - 1guynAz
8/4/2021I bet your box tastes delicious!
8/3/2021BBQ Boy was here
7/27/2021Hello angel. pool :)
7/26/2021Graphics cards ~BFD
7/22/2021Oh, congrats on upcoming nuptials!...Zenobia ;-)
7/22/2021Green Hope for America Des
7/21/2021Green for you! Hope you have an awesome week :) from savcash
7/21/2021Starbird green Love, hope you are doing well.
7/21/2021Congrats on your upcoming wedding and praying COVID restrictions will not get in the way. NOLAangel
7/10/2021BBQ Boy was here
7/1/2021A damned good poster with great replies. - Louis in Richmond
6/30/2021I hope you have a wonderful day!!
6/21/2021Thanks for the BUMP - Vasile
6/19/2021Thanks for posting in my "she broke the internet" - thread, savcash :)
6/17/2021Belated birthday green. NOLAangel
6/16/2021Happy BD! Love those nips, as always.
6/15/2021Happy Birthday Sweetie! ~ Simple27 :)
6/15/2021Happy Birthday. Love, @MoonPie
6/15/2021Happy Birthday GREEN.. The American Inquisitor
6/15/2021Happy birthday, doll! Hope it's a great day. Buck Fiden. xoxo
6/15/2021Happy Birthday, hon! Texan Buckeye
6/15/2021Hippo Birdie Two Ewes! Bday Green -AxX
6/15/2021Happy Birthday!
6/15/2021Happy Birthday Green! xoxo db
6/15/2021Happy Birthday love to you from nutmeg!
6/15/2021Happy Birthday Princess. pool
6/15/2021Birthday Greeeen from mk
6/15/2021Happy Birthday, CTigher !! T. Noticer
6/15/2021Happy Birthday - BBQ Boy
6/15/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
6/15/2021Happy birthday! - LSDMTHC
6/10/2021Goneviral Green
6/6/2021BBQ Boy was here
5/25/2021Torchie neighs hello
5/22/2021BBQ Boy was here
5/22/2021Have a great weekend, best to you. LTHN.
5/20/2021Just because, -33
5/19/2021Pretty & kind lady. pool
5/19/2021Good to see that smile....JB
5/17/2021Thx for hanging out, Adytum.
5/16/2021BFD green
5/16/2021Seriously? Doom still on?....
5/14/2021Green from Goneviral
5/14/2021Summer green Des
5/10/2021Because you had to deal with a deranged AC and didn't lose your cool. ~ Cozy
5/9/2021Hey beautiful!! pool
4/27/2021Longtime no see...
4/25/2021You rock - LSDMTHC
4/20/2021XO...long time green, St Lance the Odd from BC
4/17/2021Green for ya, ignore the tards on here, <R~J>
4/9/2021Howdy! -Rev
4/5/2021Hello angel. pool
3/29/2021Green from marooned
3/26/2021Hey CG.. ltns.. CP much love
3/26/2021You're a Classy Gal. Gray Man
3/26/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/26/2021As we get ready for Holy Week and the Resurrection of our Lord. May he always shine his light on you and give you peace my friend..GOD Bless you Susie..
3/23/2021For vaccines info. Colour Crusader
3/9/2021GREEN for ya! T. Noticer
3/9/2021Good info thread 4th it
3/9/2021Thanks for reporting from the vaccine site <3 Vision Thing
3/9/2021Stay well and safe friend. ~ Starbird
3/9/2021Green for you! Thanks for Vaccine update. -supporter
3/9/2021Vaccine thread>>>MarPep
3/9/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/9/2021BBQ Boy was here
2/17/2021Green - grove street
2/16/2021Horrible zeldannie
2/16/2021Okay, after the fact. Dogs do go to heaven.
2/15/2021BBQ Boy was here
2/7/2021BBQ Boy was here
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