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6/30/2013Bad bad bad
6/30/2013Screw him! He willjust be left behind like all the others in their insainity.
6/30/2013Love and Hugs... TW
6/30/2013Wicked proud woman who rejects the will of God and twists his word to suit her Jezebel feminist agenda, woe to you and your kind
6/29/2013For the code ~ A Friend
6/25/2013Dude, I'm a Kiwi, we kick all doors down, faster than using the handle - Doommincus M.
6/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/23/2013Nice thread...ADSR
6/23/2013Spin Zone: NSA spying is for our own good... in 20 countries
6/22/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
6/22/2013Love you...TW!
6/21/2013Geminilion :)
6/20/2013Hope your week is going well ~ A Friend
6/19/2013Great use of scripture to explain beliefs. :)
6/19/2013For knowing what lead slinging is all about. I used to work as a type setter =}.
6/19/2013Thxs for your help in lady of rev 12...byfaithalone
6/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/18/2013Hell yeah Mary is not god. Damn catholic retards
6/18/2013God bless you - Lisa :)
6/16/2013For knowing your stuff - Sir Phy
6/15/2013You are stupid, lost, deluded, rebellious, fearful, and most of all a false teacherx2
6/14/2013Nice Fether article - please message me so I may more closely follow! jdb
6/14/2013Thanks for your input... i's
6/13/2013He washed us white as snow PTL! (TW)
6/12/2013For a great thread!
6/11/2013Great advice thankyou - FaithJay24
6/11/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/11/2013For being so feisty. reason=n=logic
6/10/2013Excellent comment on ladies clothing! :) Sloane
6/10/2013Low IQ
6/9/2013Isaac vs. Ishmael the highwayman
6/9/2013Rising Son :-)
6/7/2013Stand for your principles
6/6/2013Healthy debate - ANHEDONIC
6/6/2013From one Believer to another. Meow...
6/5/20135/27 sums it up about right
6/4/2013Nicely put in the girly-boys thread-ajk
6/3/2013Love all your brothers and sisters even if they don't agree with you - Lisa
6/3/2013Great Post ~BossBitch
6/2/2013God Bless - whiteangel
5/31/2013God Bless You!!! TW
5/30/2013For all the hate and i do mean hate being thrown at you.
5/30/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/28/2013Awesome Rature thread- DEAD ON :) Gdchappy
5/27/2013You are stupid, lost, deluded, rebellious, fearful, and most of all a false teacher
5/27/2013God bless. me777
5/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/27/2013Probably means well
5/27/2013Level up. Be a member
5/26/2013Love you in Christ Sandpiper See you on the other side!
5/24/2013Exhilerating! true! brilliant!
3/7/2013Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2013Nice thrad! ~ A Friend
2/16/2013"Signs" so true LOVED it! Thank you for sharing!! -GALonFire4TheLord
2/15/2013Loved your video! (TW)
2/15/2013What the Bible Really Says about Women. nice thread K2....gd2balive
2/14/2013Nice thread on women/Bible, Thanks, from Who is Blue Fairy
2/11/2013Good Luck with your very own thread! Hawk-02
2/11/2013A thread with no point or purpose. Why?
2/11/2013I don't understand the "shill" accusation, either (on the muslim women thread)
2/9/2013False. Plainly put.
2/9/2013For being awesome!
2/9/2013Thank you
12/2/2012Jesus Loves You!!! (TW)
11/29/2012False teacher
11/29/2012Great thread on birds eye Bible., fr Who is Blue Fairy
11/19/2012After argument acted very mature and we agreed to disagree, which is a rarity on this site...
11/17/20121, I like the way you think > X
11/16/2012It really is annonymous and fun!!!!
11/16/2012Loved your comments on the Trin. war is On thread, LOL- SpiderJones
11/15/2012You don't know who this is. LOL!
11/15/2012God bless! - Lisa :)
11/15/2012Thanks fixed GFG
11/10/2012Now, if only people will hear! sandpiper
11/9/20124 More Years... YIKES!!! HUGS (TW)
11/8/2012For choosing the Pharisees and not Yahoshua nor not nearly anything YHWH commanded. I feel bad for you the day you have to face the truth with your stiff neck
11/6/2012Thanks for the info. -golou
11/6/2012Following the Drudgery thread. Renaissance Woman
11/5/2012Well said and sage advice :-) Rising Son
11/1/2012For Balance
10/30/2012Please Please learn who the real "god" YOU profess actually is. It really might just save your soul... or will YOU cling to the traditions of your "fathers"
10/30/2012Douche Nozzle....
10/30/2012You are of sound mind sir - Real Problem with Fundy Christians - Pennyless
10/29/2012Dum dum
10/27/2012Warrior for The Most High God! :- ) jdb
10/27/2012A Friend
10/27/2012God bless you! - Lisa:)
10/27/2012"I'd love to see Oblamebush do a faceplant" Me too, RayGun
10/27/2012Very interresting!
10/27/2012WH huddle: oh so doomy. Thanks! Renaissance Woman
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