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Still Raging's Karma

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1/18/2021Thank you for letting me know you felt the power of that voice. Makes me glad I posted the thread - beeches
1/11/2021Like his handle;-)
10/1/2016Here's some green, maybe it'll counteract the KoolAid.
2/7/2016Thankyou, I said a similar thing as you -undestroyer
3/10/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/20/2015Reported Abusive Post
12/28/2014Greetings from Germany - Weltenbrand
10/17/2014Whiny baby
9/26/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/19/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/19/2014Reported Abusive Post
8/14/2014Because I love you
7/8/2014Truth seekers unite :)
6/10/2014Point-by-point refutation
5/22/2014Sorry to disappoint with the green (L&L)
5/16/2014Multiple account shill!!
5/9/2014Reported Abusive Post
5/2/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/30/2014This thread is the truth , GT500
1/21/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/21/20141 for supporting Gnostic Warrior
1/17/2014Karma from ANHEDONIC
1/11/2014Green karma from Gonviral
1/10/2014Excellent Peace my friend Elsabiades...
1/1/2014Green for the new year!! - Chugiakian
12/3/2013Racist and a general d too.
11/12/2013Great answer.
11/9/2013Alway nice to see I'm not alone with cognitive dissonance! /Shy Chap? Pot!
11/9/2013Truth Seeker ~ Chugiakian
11/4/2013Thank you for so much inspiring info! reader9
11/2/2013Simple27 : ) Just wanted to make sure others on the thread understood. Thank you : )
11/1/2013For being in my thread! WeAreOne
10/30/2013Thanks . strongman
10/30/2013Meanwhile in Japan...i KNOW.LOL.
10/28/2013Great Avatar
10/27/2013Truth Seeker ~ Chugiakian
10/26/2013Nice signature...!
10/26/2013Good thread -AG
10/25/2013Good for you. Cp deserves our support. He has worked very hard.
10/24/2013INCOMING GREEN KARMA BOMB!! from gonviral
10/16/2013You would fall for bullshit like that crap back in May, wouldn't you? So gullible.
10/9/2013Peace to you too. NolaAngel : )
9/14/2013Thanks for posting!! gonviral karma for u!
9/13/2013For your thread...geminilion
9/13/2013Du bist geil :D
9/13/2013Sillly boy ,,Come to JESUS before its too late
9/12/2013Blasphemy. Repent!
9/10/2013Yep -- super bowl dave
8/29/2013Good kharma. I hope all is good. -w_nb
8/23/2013Driveby cookie karma attack - Cookie
8/18/2013Some love ~ A Friend
8/16/2013Kind hearted Karma for you : ( Angelic_Warrior
7/11/2013Yes it does! GT500
6/24/2013Hello there ~ A Friend
6/6/2013Bam! You nailed it.
6/6/2013Septenary Man
6/5/2013Helpful advice about Xanax - ANHEDONIC
5/30/2013Good post karma from Gonviral
5/30/2013New buddy kharma. -w_nb
5/22/2013Right On !
5/22/2013Love GFG
5/18/2013Fuck you! That's why!
5/17/2013Just "BE". -DmbddMind
5/16/2013Nice response to my thread question
5/16/2013Good - DVCMCM
5/16/2013Lmao at the Stewart thread. funny ~Tangy :)
5/16/2013Septenary Man
5/16/2013Great Thread! - Guam
5/16/2013Great jon stewart post. Jefiner
5/16/2013Love the Jon Stewart clip. <3 Harley
5/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/14/2013Frac Act Thread, thanks. jw
5/14/2013Truly Awakened Dude. Thanks for the fracking thread!
5/14/2013FRAC ACT post. Thank you, morgan
5/14/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/14/2013Fracking Assholes, we will let them kill us!!! good post and thanks -Relativity
5/14/2013Thnx! Mr. Bel
5/14/2013Good content!
4/30/2013Cosmic rays are an awesome delivery mech - thanks for the stars ~ QK
4/23/2013Reasonable and respectful response
4/17/2013Too dumb
4/17/2013The Dude Abides -El Duderino
4/17/2013Thanks for your support. strongman
4/3/2013Hello ~ A Friend
3/15/2013Our government allowed it....waitn4end
3/13/2013Iglowinthedark Love the Dude!
3/13/2013Good post on the Queen ~ Gigolo Jesus
3/13/2013I couldn't tell either if it makes you feel better ~ A Friend
3/8/2013Deception/lies/shilli​n...lol so predictable you are
3/7/2013Is this your picture? very attractive to me - renegade
3/7/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
2/23/2013Thanks ~ A Friend
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