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Kissplash's Karma

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1/9/2013Hugs - Cryin
1/7/2013<3 Love <3
1/7/2013Appreciate the guidance. ~Tiger'Oak
12/16/2012Ran-Man :)
12/14/2012Great post about tv ~perseus7
12/13/2012Thx !
12/11/2012Karma love from samanthasunflower
12/7/2012You are love and you are loved! the love you share reach places the no one else can reach <3
12/5/2012Thank you for saying what I have been tring to say. Done well, I just don't convey things well. hugs
11/14/2012We can combat those terrible things with global love
11/6/2012Greetings :) ~ Iolair
11/6/2012Learn some basic Astronomy
11/6/2012Stupid chemtard
11/3/2012Take a joke or get off good
10/25/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
10/21/2012Top Hat
10/16/2012You needed some! From little miracles :)
10/15/2012Posertive message
10/14/2012What a surprise, another friggin Neebooboo turd. Far and away the most ignorant bunch on GLP!
10/13/2012I agree
10/13/2012For your comments on the Nibiru thread. Good Job! :)
10/12/2012Cuz you are awesome- maybe a tad bonkers, but awesome none the less
10/11/2012Thanks for supporting my "children with special needs" post - Dease
10/4/2012Aw another poor victim
10/4/2012Wow on your reply to the october 13th, I feel the same about everything squeezing together! Crazy!
10/3/2012It's a Green Spark of Karma 4 U ~ [email protected]
9/27/2012Bugged out

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