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9/6/2013Green Karma for Christ glorifying Pins -Witness for Him
5/29/2013Weekly Red For You
5/10/2013Thanks for the awesome posts about Christian persecution! ~UAP
5/3/2013If zombie jebus came back, he would slap the shit out of you for being so fucking idiotic.
4/26/2013The Virgin told me
4/21/2013God bless you! - Lisa :)
4/20/2013Leviathan is a sea monster, bible-tard. Not a dinosaur.
4/18/2013Because I like your Bible verses from the KJV -SavedByGrace
4/18/2013Why always with the threats?
4/15/2013Can you possibly have a longer signature? Nobody reads that shit!
4/15/2013How'd you like these apples, you spam hating motherfucker? Suck our collective testicles.
4/15/2013For calling someone that disagrees with his viewpoint a shill.
4/11/2013God bless you friend! - Lisa :)
4/3/2013Thank you for the scriptures - CC
3/28/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/28/2013Post trib thief
3/23/2013Great wisdom on the "prophetic word" post.
3/21/2013Karma for scripture use =)
3/21/2013For all your good posts - Indysmindy
3/20/2013Good... no great thread brother
3/20/20131 Hopeless
3/20/2013For being a Christian :D
3/18/2013God, watch over us. I feel it coming, too. Love you, Brother!
3/18/2013Spare us the bible spam.
3/17/2013Because you speak to god himself lmao
3/15/2013You're either a tool or a shill. I can't tell which...
3/15/2013Hi ya! Thanks for all your info! Angelic_Warrior
3/14/2013Thx for sharing the Word of God- Indysmindy
3/13/2013Means well, but. . .
3/13/2013Your faith is impressive -- super bowl dave
3/13/2013Retarded regurgitation of spoon fed information. (the bible)
3/11/2013Taking up half a page and killing bandwidth with the biggest sig ever!
3/11/2013Good post.
3/11/2013No hard feelings.... - ANHEDONIC
3/9/2013Get rid of your fucking annoying long sig.
3/9/2013Great post
3/6/2013God Bless. MARsSPEED
3/3/2013Amen! Here's some green. God bless!
3/2/2013Piss Off Shill
2/28/2013Good man
2/27/2013Focus on Rome... ;) goldielucks
2/26/2013Unfortunately, this is the truth. You will not be immune from it.
2/23/2013The Virgin told me
2/23/2013From one fellow religitard to another. -GP
2/19/2013For claiming to be Jesus reincarnated. Repent, you piece of shit!
2/18/2013Thank you, my friend. You defended me when it was unpopular to do so, and for that, I am truly thankful. Thank you :-) Rising Son
2/15/2013Peace from az axo
2/14/2013May satan's spawn pull your loved ones from the grave and skull fuck them all, religitard bitch
2/14/2013I pity you
2/12/2013For slamming people over the head with your Bible - not very Christ-like
2/12/2013For TRUTH :)
2/11/2013Excellent point!
2/10/2013Bible-bashing signature, longer than most posts... Brainwashed fool
2/5/2013Your love of God - Whiteangel
2/4/2013Faste trigger then i...lol i tried over and over.... pepsi vid...topguy
2/1/2013Your opinion - not mine. Love the freedom we have NOW! The Quiet One.
2/1/2013Jesus loves you! - Lisa :)
1/29/2013Dove Doom.... Sir Griffo
1/24/2013Professional Troll
1/15/2013I DARE you.
1/13/2013At least you try, There is something to be said for that. God will tell you the truth at some point- acegotflows
1/11/2013Well said
1/10/2013Listen to the voice of God! ~UAP
1/7/2013HEY BRO! from weasel keeper
1/5/2013Thx 4 support - Indysmindy
1/3/2013For hard truth...luci9
12/26/2012Good post and pin - seeing the overall trend in these end times.
12/19/20122012 thread - thank you, God Bless you.
12/17/2012The demons don't like to see bible quotes on public display.
12/13/2012Awesome post!
12/8/2012For a signature longer than most posts, full of retarded bible bullshit.
11/26/2012Christian quoting bible
11/26/2012Thanks for acknowledging my post on the 3 days of darkness thread.. it always feels good to see those clappy hands on your post...my2centsworth
11/25/2012For speading The Gospel
11/21/2012Have a happy thanksgiving. 2 swords
11/19/2012I read the bible verses on your sig - thats truth. Truth.
11/18/2012More red for your obnoxious sig. We all have bibles, we don't need you to post it here. - Factual Error
11/15/2012Love of God - whiteangel
11/14/2012You'd struggle to be any more retarded.
11/14/2012You've been awarded a prize!
11/13/20122 swords_
11/12/2012Because I'm a Canadian
11/11/2012Very good post in the microchip! Kudos for you!
11/10/2012Shorten that stupid signature!
11/10/2012For having a bible-babble sig eight times longer than your post
11/9/2012How much red will it take before you remove that obnoxious sig? - Factual Error
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