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ChiaPet's Karma

Total: 755 (755  User Votes)

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9/25/2020Green from C-Voyant
9/25/2020WGON with some flyby Greeeeeeeeeeeeen :-)
9/24/2020Be blessed! Love SweetB
9/18/2020Happy Weekend Green across the ocean. Much love to you! Mezzo : )
9/16/2020Alarm about to ring Green! C-Voyant
9/14/2020Heya Chia! Hope you're doing great! Hugs, bigD
9/12/2020WGON was here! :-)
9/12/2020Green for Thee ~! TNO!
9/11/2020DMJ was here :)
9/11/2020Trey was here
9/10/2020God bless! - abeliever
9/10/2020Prayers and blessings to you, Love SweetB
9/9/2020C-Voyant was here!
9/6/2020Yeah... let's samba! <3 LittleMe <3
9/6/2020Lance was here
9/5/2020Sing with me :) This little light of mine... - ODIN
9/4/2020Thank you! Sending greenest blessings from the jungle. - Happy in Nature, the howling monkeys and the toucans
9/3/2020Big Hug! Tiny Trink
8/31/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/27/2020Prayers and blessings to you! Love SweetB
8/24/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/22/2020Green from Storm
8/21/2020DMJ as here :) praying for you
8/21/2020Happy Friday Chia, Isis One
8/19/2020Love and blessings to you for a speedy recovery, SweetB
8/19/2020Greeeeen! from WGON :-)
8/19/2020Here's to seeing you soon. - Louis in Richmond
8/19/2020Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
8/17/2020Q green! -Luminous Epinoia
8/15/2020Time for some green sharing! C-Voyant
8/14/2020Nurture what you love ~ zenergy
8/10/2020Q green! -Luminous Epinoia
8/9/2020Some kind of wonderful. pool
8/9/2020Fluffy Chia Greeeeeeen! from WGON :-)
8/9/2020Green for your eyes!---sloonie
8/9/2020How dare you. Get your hands off my penis! Tata and farewell. Yo Adrian
8/8/2020Saturday green - grove street
8/8/2020Thank you for your prayers! You’re an angelâ£ï¸ ~ Piccologal
8/7/2020Some "shit getting real" green, haha! C-Voyant
8/6/2020Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
8/4/2020Happy Green Chia .... Miss P
8/4/2020Prayer for great health. Des
7/31/2020Sending healing love, energy and light ~ zenergy
7/31/2020Green 4 You! Praying for your surgery & recovery~Pine Marten
7/30/2020Sharing some green with ya! C-Voyant
7/30/2020Good healing vibes Chia! Isis One
7/30/2020Green from fred1981
7/29/2020Wishing you the best of luck ChiaPet
7/29/2020Green for Thee~! TNO>
7/29/2020Prayers for you sweet chia! Pepp
7/29/2020Green - grove street
7/26/2020Green for ya! -Luminous Epinoia
7/26/2020Sunday Green Xx msmc
7/25/2020Q green---sloonie
7/22/2020C-Voyant was here with some green!
7/21/2020Green hugs from Pepp
7/21/2020Q green to a friend!! :) scottfree
7/20/2020Thank you for the green karma, here is one in return Mr Tibbs
7/20/2020Yo Adrian
7/20/2020Green for Chia! T. Noticer
7/19/2020Green hugs and bright blessings Chia, Des
7/17/2020Hi Chia! Isis One
7/14/2020Passing out some green! C-Voyant
7/14/2020Love & healing sent. pool
7/13/2020WGON was here... :-)
7/10/2020Sending healing love, energy and light ~ zenergy
7/10/2020Green for ya Chia! -Luminous Epinoia
7/10/2020In the end, God Wins! Green for Thee ~! TNO.
7/9/2020Happy Thursday Green Love and Hugs across the ocean. Mezzo : )
7/9/2020Fife GREEN! T. Noticer
7/7/2020Yo! ch ch ch chia
7/6/2020Tx Chia, I'm trusting, just have Blue State Blues~Pine Marten
7/6/2020Independence Green! C-Voyant
7/6/2020Grove street was here
7/5/2020Patriot Green and Bright Blessings Des
7/4/2020Some green love from fred1981 to you
7/2/2020Marvellous hair do. pool
7/1/2020Green for you... :) scottfree
6/28/2020Dropping some green here! C-Voyant
6/25/2020Hi Chia! Isis One
6/20/2020Some silent majority green for ya! C-Voyant
6/20/2020Nurture who/what you love ~ zenergy
6/16/2020QGreen!! Things A-Habbening. Great start to the week. ODIN
6/15/2020Green back at ya! thx....sloonie
6/15/2020Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you are staying safe out there. Much love and Hugs from Holland, Mezzo : )
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