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green_girl's Karma

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10/23/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/23/2013I like how you roll - Wispa
10/23/2013Thank you-Onesweetworld
10/23/2013Green time .... Murdoch
10/22/2013Cloudhidden was here,....or was he
10/22/2013Green For U! - Doombringer
10/22/2013I'm not mean, but thats what you get if you think you know something and astronut eat that believe.
10/22/2013Excellent point
10/22/2013You really are a dizzy bitch. You need to go back where you belong, at the local Goodwill where the wetards work. Seriously though, look at yourself. Gross.
10/22/2013There you are! -Face!
10/22/2013Don't listen to that Moran. Youre intelligent and very beautiful. Keep up the great logical work ~UAP
10/21/2013Thank you! ~Tangy :)
10/21/2013No Karma
10/21/2013Hang in there girl. Alexander
10/21/2013Greeeeeen - Geo777
10/21/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/21/2013Are you an astronomer? Are you seeking attention? Shut the fuck up.
10/20/2013Stupid, grow some brains\
10/19/2013No one cares
10/19/2013Green for teh astrometry efforts. ~Snuffie.
10/19/2013Green for a Green_Girl ; ) ohnonotagain
10/19/2013Voice of reason - Boxer (aka BoxerLvr)
10/19/2013Besides smart you're pretty :)
10/19/2013For unnecessary bitchiness :(
10/19/2013Why are you posting/bumping NOOBdy spam threads?
10/18/2013My pleasure! -Astro
10/18/2013Gordon comment - Beetlejuice
10/17/2013Beautiful profile pic ^.^
10/17/2013Hello from nah :)
10/16/2013Green greetings Eliana
10/16/2013Acula was here
10/16/2013Random Green ~Stoned Goddess
10/16/2013Bluebird flew by
10/16/2013Like your avatar ~ Arcturus
10/16/2013Some green because you were feeling blue....my 2 cents
10/16/2013Nice post about GLPers - snarky74
10/16/2013Love from quebec/canada (All i can say is WOW) :D
10/16/2013Your pic IS BEAUTIFUL!!! SkinnyChic
10/16/2013For keeping me entertained on the UFO thread :-)
10/16/2013You are a very attractive person...if that's you in the pic. Don't listen to mean people. - salty1
10/16/2013For your esteem
10/16/2013Beautiful moran :)
10/16/2013Brief :)
10/16/2013You are beautiful, you're ex husband is obviously dumb, blind, and stupid. - ScarlettOHell
10/16/2013You're giving Canadians a bad name.
10/15/2013For posting the video from Sept with the "Free Haul". Just makes me sick :( - Eireann~
10/11/2013From KarinZa :D
10/11/2013You are so sweet ~~~ Stations of the Sun
10/8/2013Green ~3pic. â¡â¡â¡
10/6/2013Good kharma for green_girl! You seem like a nice person. -w_nb
10/6/2013For all of your suggestions! :) AnonymousGirl
10/5/2013Pathetically ignorant.
10/3/2013For offerring to help on the Halloween avatar thread...nice, cosmicgypsy
10/2/2013Nice artwork - ANHEDONIC
10/2/2013Have a kudo....grumpier
10/1/2013Green love from 3pic... forget the Catholics op ... madness holds her, pray for her. so sad.
10/1/2013Yup, and Yah bless
9/30/2013Questions are beyond important to ask - Chrit
9/30/2013It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with fingers and toes
9/29/2013Love your posts. manu
9/26/2013No news yet on the sword :-\ oh well lol -Acula
9/26/2013Because you wanted to give me green!
9/25/2013Fuck you witch
9/25/2013IMAGINARY DRESS lololol :D KarinZa
9/12/2013Green Girl :) - Tasty THC
9/12/2013PIle of Opinion and SHIT does no Work Runs Shit filled MOUTH and is a Fucking liar
9/11/2013I like green - Mr. Reality
9/3/2013For your input on my ghost thread
8/30/2013Nah :)
8/28/2013My 2 cents
8/28/2013Because red left hand stalkers suck. -Junkyard America
8/28/2013For your Karma collection. ancha!
8/28/2013Love green
8/28/2013Now You Have A GREEN Stalker As Well - ?
8/23/2013Why you gotta be a bitch?
8/22/2013Dr. Acua was here
8/18/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
8/17/2013Go away
8/15/2013Wasnt me either!
8/15/2013To counter the red karma stalkers ~ Tigershield
8/15/2013Some green for you!!! cause red stalkers suck ~ 3pic
8/15/2013Wasn't me AC 1516308
8/15/2013Fuck Off Then
8/15/2013Why are you spreading negative energy on the Second Sun video. Go away if you dont see anything.
8/14/2013Thanks for finding that link! you rule -Acula
8/10/2013Red boy
8/8/2013Give us your secret recipe :)
8/8/2013One of the ones whose got a huge problem
8/8/2013Good post-Evan
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