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8/7/2013Making sure their baby lives in a home that is certifiably safe.(...) get latest vaacines !!!
8/7/2013You are perhaps the biggest idoit to EVER post on GLP
8/2/2013Yw darling
8/1/2013Red boy
7/24/2013Red boy
7/16/2013You are an idiot.
7/12/2013Green for the green girl! beeches
7/8/2013Divine justice
7/6/2013From Prowilson123 :)
7/2/2013Blah blah - I'm different - blah blah
6/29/2013Can't stand you asshole
6/23/2013You should have waited to have kids you stupid blob.
6/19/2013God's will be done
6/18/2013Salt from smilesun :-)
6/9/2013And we can't stand you asshole
5/31/2013Shallow minded pussy massager.
2/24/2013What is going on here is the op is acting out a murder mystery style fantasy
12/25/2012Oh shut up and be honest
11/9/2012Not Lanther, but Tonia <3
11/9/2012Maritime Karma coming your way. Wash.
11/9/2012And we can't stand you asshole
11/7/2012Frankie really is special. MX
11/7/2012Met Frankie Mcdonald Omg!!!!
11/4/2012No Problem - I hope you feel better after your rest : ) - 'Cesium.
11/2/2012For a common sense post on my thread. "if she doesn't look at you like that find out why"
11/1/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/1/2012Here's some more - Boudicca
11/1/2012Here is to spreading some around! Sleeping Giant
11/1/2012Dont spend this all in one place {waterman]
10/29/2012Bob Ross was a master of life, not just painting. - Borian
10/29/2012You come off as a dumbfuck
10/29/2012Good tat comment---Brubaker
10/21/2012Top Hat
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