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green_girl's Karma

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7/6/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/6/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/6/2014Reported Abusive Post
7/6/2014Great advice in thread :-) Rising Son
7/6/2014SUNDAY green from THE INQUISIDOR
7/5/2014Going after the player and not the ball.
7/5/2014Like a Boss! BioReaper :D
7/5/2014HUGS)))))))))) because I understand working and hellasious pain
7/2/2014Ya know I love your Moo =) Inerrancia
7/1/2014Back at you - Hy
6/4/2014Buddy green! -Face
5/18/2014How are you? - Hydra
4/19/2014Hi there! My best wishes for you =) Inerrancia
4/16/2014Miss you on here....4H
4/2/2014Click fail :) Thank you! -Face
3/24/2014Green girulie ~sIcKaNdTwIsTeD~
3/24/2014Face :)
3/16/2014Red Girl!
3/7/2014Linear minded.
3/3/2014Long time no green. ExploringThetruth
3/3/2014Shill Girl
3/3/2014Kisses Shenzy
3/3/2014I don't read much from you lately. you ok? -Face
3/2/2014I love your MooOOoo, ya know (and everything else ;) Inerrancia
3/2/2014N a H : )
2/23/2014N a H
2/19/2014Green time. GeoStorm
2/16/2014Have a wonderful week! N a H <3 <3 <3
2/16/2014Shadow beam
2/11/2014Your a sweetheart :) Thanks for the green. Sharing the love. -Soldier of Destiny
2/11/2014Hi green girl like your posts.. mraychev :)
2/9/2014Hello sweety~ nah <3
2/7/20141 Up+
2/6/2014Thursday Green from THE INQUISADOR
2/6/2014B-gone-shill spray!
2/5/2014Oh, you again....
2/4/2014Reported Copyright Violation
2/3/2014You're a canadian Woo Woo, hope they bane you.
2/3/2014Green Karma time_GeoStorm
2/2/2014Nah <3
1/31/2014I miss you <3
1/29/2014Please stop
1/29/2014Hiay GG
1/29/2014Nice debunking on the alien/neph video - it really looked like a walking tree to me too. lol -ladyannie
1/29/2014Good work!!! Was trippy though.. Messenger
1/29/2014Ahaha i like your post on hobbit house.. you can get internet water ... :P mraychev :)
1/28/2014Feminists ruined it for the rest of us. MP
1/27/2014Providing green -Face
1/26/2014Hahahaa i love that smiley --eekers
1/26/2014Hugs for you! nah <3
1/26/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/25/2014Just because....>>>>Settle​4It<<<<
1/25/2014Green! GeoStorm
1/25/2014Webby :)
1/24/20141up - Boxer
1/24/2014Just cause
1/18/2014You are a kind and big hearted person! nah <3
1/17/2014Thank you for standing up for facts, data, and research. We could use a lot more of it around here :) - Eireann~
1/16/2014Or acne...
1/16/2014Its time...once again...
1/16/2014Reported Abusive Post
1/16/2014Curls are still in
1/15/2014Quit being so snobby
1/15/2014Was hoping you were gone :(
1/14/2014You know why...
1/14/2014You're a total fucking cunt and I hate you, I hope you leave this website and never come back.
1/14/2014For us regular girls, not thick no thin skinned, lol savcash, come say hi :0
1/11/2014Thanks. Youre very kind ~thetruthmonger
1/11/2014U r awesome - SteveWutabi
1/11/2014Thanks Green girl! : ) - P.Inferno
1/11/2014You gave me one now i give you one lol
1/11/2014So I see you changed the banner
1/11/2014You are such a sweetheart! love you! nah <3
1/10/2014Karma is still a bitch
1/9/2014The wheel chair guy and his bed ridden friend KNOW a hell of alot more than you.
1/9/2014You earned it
1/9/2014Know it is hard not to, but don't let the past get you down. - Zetetic
1/8/2014You are soo awesome! ~CigarTigher
1/8/2014Happy new year to you too ! ap girl !
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