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green_girl's Karma

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12/5/20131of the lost 10. -Moo!
12/5/2013Clean up your ugly sig! Yuck
12/5/2013Green to offset the red from the haters - Boxer
12/4/2013Ignore the assholes...you're beautiful. Rhombus
12/4/2013Ancient sword dude take back
12/4/2013Here ya go
12/4/2013Selfie tard
12/4/2013The Happy Holidays thread :) -Nemamiah
12/4/2013You first darling.
12/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/4/2013You should have stayed on vacation
12/3/2013Killing Hurt Butts Softly - The Zissou
12/3/2013Green for green girl... from the dude with the ancient sword
12/3/2013It is tuesday
12/3/2013Astro ass kisser.
12/3/2013Holiday greetings green girl!! much love --eekers
12/3/2013Keep on fighting! -Face
12/3/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/3/2013You sound just like astro, hmmmm
12/3/2013For being mean
12/3/2013Here's a mirror
12/3/2013Astro's Witch
12/3/2013Didn't a House Fall On You?
12/3/2013For a calm, cool response to the vicious attacks. -Astro
12/3/2013Dont know why you get hated on . Oyster
12/2/2013Tthank you - Chriton
12/2/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/2/2013Festive red ho ho ho
12/2/2013Thx u rock! ~ Webby
12/2/2013Keep on shillin
12/2/2013Green cause your karma took a hit over the past week ;) OMH
12/2/2013Stand by your guns, even if they try to belittle you.
12/2/2013I like her
12/2/2013Annoying, dumb, repetitive, annoying, dumb, repetitive
12/2/2013Feel free to debunk Uranus.
12/1/2013Because your constant posts are like Chinese water torture.
12/1/2013Abusive post tard
12/1/2013One up! - TunnelVision
12/1/2013Reported Abusive Post
12/1/2013Thanks for keeping things real! bigD111
12/1/2013The world does not revolve around you. I can assure you that "All of GLP" is not waiting for anyone's proof against/for you. Grow up.
12/1/2013Greed for a logical mind, --Voltaic--
12/1/2013Correct about ISON
12/1/2013You really are a bitch, but you knew that didn't you. Lol. I bet you even wear it like a red badge of courage.
12/1/2013Major wet blanket. Joy thief much?
11/30/2013Be proud.
11/30/2013No brainer
11/30/2013For countering Star Fhisp with your 3 debunks of the day. :)
11/30/2013For standing up and being YOU! Ozi
11/30/2013Leave thor alone y not start your own thread ? Oh that's right ... no one will visit your thread
11/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2013ISON lives u dumb bitch.. hahahahah U FAIL HAHAHAHAHA
11/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2013You act like you know everything you bitch...in reality, you know nothing. Fuck off!
11/29/2013Shut up
11/29/2013Lol you are boring
11/29/2013Its simply gorgeous!
11/29/2013Blech. :P
11/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2013Not even half as good as astro at being a dip
11/29/2013Idiot shill, go the HELL away
11/28/2013Cuz your hot
11/28/2013STFU green bitch
11/28/2013I, for one, enjoy your ISON posts. Peace to you.-hugh m eye
11/28/2013Just for wanting to kill their hope
11/28/2013From one so called 'Astro' 'shill' account, to another. - El_Duderino
11/28/2013Likewise! =] Hope you're well!
11/28/2013Your pic is ASTRO in DRAG
11/28/2013"Heehee - have a green from green_girl for owning reinvigorated ass!!" red for that
11/28/2013From another Sriracha addict. Copperhead
11/27/2013Voice of reason - Boxer
11/27/2013Sol Green ; ) - Spittin'Cesium.
11/26/2013If you aren't a shill, why do you talk, act, and put yourself out as one... JUST STFU, it will save you in the end...
11/26/2013Shitty shills are shitty
11/26/2013Blind you are.
11/25/2013For fighting the good fight ~3pic
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