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12/18/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
12/18/2012Unreal MSM shit !!!!
12/18/2012For a good thread
12/18/2012Cool name ****butterfly girl
12/16/2012I don't karma vote anonymously. Try again. - Debauchery
12/16/2012You're a piece of shit with a big mouth.
12/15/2012Children are awesome! TPTB are fear mongering people out of having children.
12/15/2012Very accurate!
12/11/2012Douche bag
12/11/2012Just agreed with you
12/9/2012Aww, thank you for commenting on the cozy scene pic. 8)
12/7/2012Paranoid loser
12/6/2012For the teacher in you re caligraphy
12/4/2012Males and females cannot live in harmony - sir you have a problem with woman
12/3/2012Dumb thread, who's responsible to raise kids? Kate
12/2/2012Your comments are grounding and intelligent! Thanks.. AllisaTx
11/22/2012Helpful! thx for finding info on sinkhole ~ scorpio66
11/20/2012Canned Hunting Thread - JennOfArc
11/19/2012Just see the post under "Governments Considering Tow-Child Policy For the West" thread and his idiotic, communist rant about how the government should require abortions.
11/16/2012Sending positive vibes your way xx MzTreeChick
11/15/2012Offensive comment re: Midland
11/11/2012Green for you! Well done on your "If you really want to understand..." thread - From: Seagal5
11/10/2012Please don't believe everything you see in the movies. Live your life, find out for yourself, do your own thinking
11/9/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/8/2012Transcript summary - ANHEDONIC
11/1/2012For thinking about the animals! - ANHEDONIC
10/27/2012Thank you for your kind words :) morgan
10/25/2012Find the BIG W!~hyrulerupee
10/24/2012Here's hoping Elvis is enjoying his life...my2centsworth

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