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[email protected] Trump's Karma

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4/5/2018EM Teller of Lies, Abortion Lover, major Dyke
4/9/2017Green from TrumpFan1966
9/18/2016So you admit to being corrupt
9/15/2016Goodbye, fucktard
9/15/2016Idiot Leftist - get the facts not the talking points TARD
9/15/2016I like Trump
9/14/2016Damn! you suck!
9/12/2016Hillary is not pleased with your small penis
9/12/2016Lmao funny! But not as good as Denald on Twitter! - <3 Rubatosis
9/11/2016Liking your reply about the historical aspect of horses being indigenous to North America, in defense of the wild Mustangs. - The StarBuckian
9/11/2016Some red for you
9/10/2016Dumb ass hillary voter
9/10/2016Fuck off and die, motherfucker
9/10/2016Eat shit you fucking human filth. I hope it makes you sick inside how revolting people find you.
9/10/2016For dishonesty
9/6/2016Mr. Jenzie isn't the most worthless poster on GLP when you're around.
9/2/2016DT needs some green. Big Daddy D
9/1/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/1/2016No u!!
9/1/2016Idiot Leftist - get the facts not the talking points TARD
9/1/2016You are the problem that needs a solution you baby killing racist POS
8/29/2016Hateful fat cunt
8/28/2016U still don't have enough of this - deserve much more!
8/28/2016Miserable hateful poster.
8/27/2016Get some red for the 'nutjob truther" comment.
8/27/2016Nut job truther? Guess that makes you a liar.
8/27/2016Nj 08723
8/27/2016Hi there.
8/27/2016Fucking loser!
8/27/2016Yup! You still suck.
8/27/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
8/27/2016Your observations about the Electoral vote. Most people on this site are in serious denial.
8/24/2016Ura losing loser, loser
8/23/2016Logic fail
8/23/2016Oh, you just suck. Excercise your frontal lobe. You might improve your lame posts.
8/23/2016This vile pig is proof that there are worse things in this world than munging.
8/23/2016The stupid is so strong with you.
8/23/2016Hillary shill and all around scumbag
8/23/20161 For Best Loser
8/23/2016Concerts are not Elections !!
8/23/2016Hillary stooge.
8/23/2016Your anti Trump posts taste like failure. Your mormon candidate distroyed the republican party, maybe it's time to back a winner.
8/23/2016What a douche bag.
8/23/2016Living in denial
8/23/2016You are an Idiot..
8/22/2016Plz just turn off your internet
8/21/2016You are a horrible human...you should consider leaping off a buiding
8/21/2016Retarded Lesbo. at least you won't procreate...
8/20/2016Fuck your dead mother
8/20/2016Smelly crotch
8/20/2016Nice avatar!
8/20/2016You have too much red karma
8/20/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/20/2016The stupid. It burns!!
8/20/2016Because Em18966 is an idiot.
8/19/2016Atheist douchebag....go suck a nut.
8/19/2016Deluded fool
8/19/2016Fuck right off
8/19/2016Naggers say what?
8/19/2016Liberal troll
8/18/2016You Rock! Blessings to you!
8/16/2016Kill yourself
8/16/2016Fuck off shill
8/16/2016Go suck off a shotgun to completion. Since the barrel is black you should be all set. You fucking piece of shit.
8/16/2016Ramirez, U-DONT-SAY? Shocking!!!
8/15/2016This is green so you'll see it clearly. You are as dumb an ass as an ass can be...Dr.Hill
8/15/2016For the wanna be GI Joe clip
8/15/2016Hill-Shill and a Dumb one at that!
8/15/2016Great thread, ignore the trolls.
8/15/2016Stupid dindu
8/15/2016Mudshark Fantasizes About Sucking Dindu Dick
8/15/2016Now you'll learn what's hell in Yankee Land
8/15/2016Your an idiot
8/15/2016Swim in moor mud
8/15/2016Seek mental help
8/15/2016Fucking moron of all morons
8/15/2016Blows goats, see avatar for proof
8/15/2016There was something called the civil war, you are an idiot of history
8/15/2016Kiss my white ass up and down and all over. Taste that white sweat. It's the taste truth.
8/15/2016Commie Red
8/15/2016You are begging for a war, which you are certain to lose. 1000%
8/15/2016Clueless as ever.
8/15/2016Open your eyes. Misguided.
8/15/2016You have a very level learning curve don't you!
8/15/2016Ummmm yeah just wow
8/15/2016Welcome back.Can't say I missed your moronic hateful posts, but you do provide a fine example of everything wrong with this county.
8/15/2016Dyndu lover!!!
8/15/2016Racist troll
8/15/2016Loser with ph.d. in loserology. from an unacredited online university.
8/15/2016Stuffit Commie!
8/15/2016Fuck off, you fucked up fucking fuckhead. FUCK YOU!
8/15/2016Red for your traitorous post, traitor.
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