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[email protected] Trump's Karma

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8/15/2014Dumbass. Thank the next soldier you see. Ungrateful asshole
8/15/2014Abusive post
8/15/2014Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/15/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/14/2014Timely post about communist groups being bussed in ): izzybeth
8/14/2014Draino, Reps Love Draino
8/13/2014Green from ANHEDONIC : )
8/12/2014Excellent post, Ag47
8/12/2014Absolutely spot on. Fucking perfectly said. TA
8/11/2014Understanding of universal energy
8/11/2014Good chat -- filth
8/11/2014Hate possessions because he has nothing.
8/11/2014Stellar Solitas...
8/11/2014Less laws
8/11/2014Not the way for cops to handle things. you are right. - beverly hills ninja
8/11/2014For your thoughtful comments on the Ferguson thread, a voice of reason among such fear and ignorance. - Parabola
8/10/2014Hoping you are well! bigD111
8/9/2014For your SICK post in the Abortion thread. Abinadiâ¦. Grow your ethics.
8/6/2014I see you removed your picture, but here's more RED you bloody atheist libtard
8/6/2014Overdue Green remittance from ULR
8/6/2014Great thread ~Chip
8/6/2014Cunt face mcgee
8/6/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/5/2014Disgustingly derogative
8/4/2014Free RED....Douche Canoe
8/4/2014John Lash being interivewed on Red Ice Creations today* Pertains to thread*Arete11
8/4/2014Fuku doom
8/4/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
8/4/2014We have cast ourselves out of the Garden of Eden and now we don't know what the fuck to do with ourselves ; GhostProphet
8/2/2014Oh, I like the cut of your jib. hannah
8/2/2014Your pal Kai
8/1/2014You must have some bad memories you need to accept and move on from. You must be weak as fuck living your life this way. Grow some balls, get over yourself and be well.
8/1/2014Ignorant fool..you will be on bended knee one day. think about that
7/31/2014Haters gonna hate, including you. -Astro
7/31/2014Green from ANHEDONIC : )
7/31/2014Low IQ
7/27/2014Nice post
7/27/2014You go gal! showgirls1980 :) x
7/24/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/24/2014Ignoring what your secularists have done while blaming the religious - real class act you are, dumbass
7/24/2014Bible thumper thread, spot on!!
7/24/2014Start eliminating with you!
7/24/2014You sir are a dumbass.
7/24/2014Freak this country was founded on Jesus , you have pushed him aside and look at the evil that you will reap
7/24/2014Yeah, I feel like you do about organized religion. I love God, but wow organized religion is a crime against humanity and the biggest scam ever. - Eireann~
7/24/2014From Jesus Christ
7/24/2014Pretty uneducated
7/24/2014Ignorant left-wing twat.
7/16/2014You're a baby killing witch, you suck.
7/13/2014Dementia awareness
7/12/2014Because the truth is important and it was down here.
7/12/2014Cheers! :D calx
7/11/2014Thank You! From UniKitty ~ The Black Rose Witch
7/11/2014Should have done this sooner! green for ya! bigD111
7/10/2014Hi Em from UseLessRepEATER
7/10/2014What a downer you are, the pie in the sky is not as high up there as you'd like to believe
7/8/2014Happy Roswell Day - Kai
7/8/2014Good post in the Sheri Shepard thread - Alpacalips
7/8/2014White guilt ridden libtard
7/8/2014Sophia's Correction...Arete11
7/8/2014Knowledgeable about infectious diseases.
7/8/2014You have no clue as usual, just go away you evil bitch.
7/8/2014Green from ANHEDONIC : D
7/7/2014Happy one. pool
7/7/2014Surprised your not a pedo supporter
7/7/2014Satanic hag.
7/7/2014Good post on the Dragonfly thread from indiandave.
7/7/2014<3~ Tml
7/6/2014Protecting our freedom
7/6/2014Brilliant post! sungaze
7/6/2014You're one hardcore chick! I think I like you....dammit! ~Chip
7/5/2014Breast feeding - killerB
7/5/2014Good points on the Chile has Aliens thread ~~ Let Freedom Ring
7/5/2014Thank you! Oubliette
7/4/2014Fuck your opinion
7/4/2014Tell it like it is !
7/3/2014Love ya GFG
7/2/2014You are the problem that needs a solution you baby killing racist POS
7/2/2014Most definitely
6/30/2014Excellent post! byfaithalone
6/27/2014It wasn't me ~Chip
6/26/2014Talks like a hemorrhoid being sand papered
6/25/2014Hi my friend :) ~TH
6/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/25/2014Green for your leaking intel comment....saved
6/24/2014ROFL!!! Giant clam! Loved it. Keats
6/24/2014You're a baby killing witch, you suck.
6/23/2014For making me laugh love GFG
6/21/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/20/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/17/2014Funny, poster before me called you a c.u.next Tuesday & hit the green button by mistake. Well you deserve green so here' another~
6/17/2014This cunt is the dumbest dyke to ever eat ass. May Satan have mercy on her dripping cave in the here after! Amen.
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