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[email protected] Trump's Karma

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8/15/2016Red for your traitorous post, traitor.
8/15/2016You shouldn't have come back here little girl. You're wrong and eventually you will hopefully see that.
8/15/2016What the hell is wrong with you? You may be beautful, but you're white trash and a traitor to your country. Go join Black Lives Matters you fuckin moron
8/15/2016For posting propaganda garbage. blacks are not humans.
8/15/2016Crap savage talk
8/15/2016You wont be here much longer. -FTB
8/15/2016Stupid post of the day. Thinking is very hard for you.
8/15/2016Bait thread...
8/15/2016Poster doesn't give a shit, talks shit gutter talk
8/15/2016Fucking idiot
8/15/2016Looting a liquor store does not make one a patriot.
8/15/2016Official mark of the tard
8/15/2016You really need to know why?
8/15/2016LOL, like I give a shit.
8/15/2016You're a second rate troll. Your mom was a second rate one-night stand, too.
8/15/2016Ruthlessly stupid. May GLP have mercy on your poor, whimpering browneye, considering the fucking you just asked for - Michael Deschain
8/15/2016For comparing Revolutionary War to the looting of Uncle Pookies corner store - GonadTheBallbarian
8/15/2016Ignorant rant from an ignoramus; looting and rioting to protest a thugs death is not revolutionary.
8/15/2016Self loathing idiot.
8/15/2016What were you out getting abortions
8/15/2016What is your fucking point anyway ?
8/15/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
8/13/2016Lol you're awesome
8/13/2016No relationship to factual reality, just Democrat spin.
8/13/2016Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/13/2016What a dumb shit, go back to posting on MSNBC
8/13/2016Fuck your avatar you bootlicking toadie.
8/13/2016Who let you back in?
8/13/2016Nasty bitch
8/13/2016Sin is sin.
8/13/2016Disgusting freak
8/13/2016Arch Skank is back. BOOOO!
8/13/2016Incest is bad...mmmmkay...have some red freak
4/16/2016Jesus loves you
2/16/2016I fart in your direction! Marxist troll
2/5/2016Vile libtard marxist dog excrement.
1/22/2016Animal communication - ming :)
1/22/2016Like your style.
1/18/2016Satan loves whores like you! Cultural Marxist Zionistic cunt!
1/9/2016Fat scab.
11/19/2015Fat ass Zionist cunt! Where will you hide when the zio plan falls apart?
11/15/2015Howdy Whore !
11/12/2015Have som red you disgusting zionist libtard cunt!
11/4/2015Hellbound whore
10/30/2015Been a while been lacking in your red
10/17/2015Weekly red, you rotten bitch. How's it feel to be GLP's Most Hated Cunt?
10/11/2015Jesus even loves fatass whore cunt bitches like you and your mom.
10/11/2015Weekly red for an ugly cocksucker
10/7/2015Stuff happens
10/4/2015You are completely natters
10/4/2015Gun free zones kill
10/1/2015God loves you, even though you deny him and you are a worthless fat cunt!
9/30/2015A Mountain of Red for a fat, dumb
9/29/2015Howdy slut!
9/26/2015Has it been a week already? You can turn this all around, you know. You just don't want to!
9/23/2015Worthless cunt, fat self-centered, know it all sow. I hope they put you in a FEMA camp.
9/19/2015Libtard cunt
9/19/2015Weekly red for my favorite fucktard. Your green karma bar is vanishing.
9/14/2015Best day of the week. Skanky pig
9/11/2015Zionazi shill!!!! Red for you, cunt!
9/11/2015Weekly red! eat it
9/5/2015Oh happy day... Red for the worlds stankest cooter
9/3/2015Weekly red karma check in. How soon before it's a red karma bar?
9/1/2015Slimy cunt! Hiding out over at LOP, eh? Go eat a pound of fecal matter full of worms!
8/27/2015Is it dead?
8/25/2015Weekly check in...Now go and ram a telephone poll up your cooter.
8/24/2015Red for the most despised shill on the internet!
8/24/2015Where you been tard? Did you forget about us, I didn't forget about you. Here's your weekly red. RED FOR LIFE.
8/23/2015Weekly red for you, you miserable, Godless cunt. I'm glad you haven't been on in over 2 weeks, hoping you are in prison getting raped or maybe choked to death on your own vomit.
8/17/2015Just my weekly check in. Go Fuck Yourself
8/15/2015Another week, another red. had enough?
8/15/2015Have some red! Ignorant libtard shill.
8/12/2015You have too much green. Here's some more weekly red.
8/11/2015Weekly red for the worthless cunt! You fat, ugly sow, I'll bet you have STDs they haven't even named yet.
8/7/2015Nah-t love!
8/6/2015Trashy piece of demonic shit.
8/4/2015Has it been another week.... wow time really flies but I can't forget my favorite tard
8/1/2015WEEKLY red for you FOR LIFE, cuntface. Haha ha ha haha!
7/29/2015Just doing my weekly check in, you ugly fat assed bitch.
7/28/2015This has been the greatest week ever since you haven't been on all week. Let's keep it that way.
7/28/2015I just remembered a week has done by, how could I forget my favorite bullshit artist.
7/23/2015Weekly red, you pathetic sow. I hope someone waterboards your fat ass.
7/22/2015Not missing your avatar. Although the emtiness in your soulless eyes does explain your point of view.
7/21/2015Weekly visit
7/19/2015Weekly red for GLP's favorite cunt
7/18/2015Nah-t love!
7/17/2015Have some red you disgusting swine.
7/16/2015I just remembered a week has gone by, so here is your red karma for this week.
7/16/2015Eat shit and live to eat shit again, Humpty Cunt!
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