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[email protected] Trump's Karma

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7/15/2015Missing you, too [email protected] (check your email) :)
7/14/2015New name, same cunt
7/11/2015Guess what Day it is? It's mother fucking RED day Bitch!!! See you again soon!
7/11/2015Read your Bible, or stop talking erroneously about it.. Consider this bad karma a drop in the bucket
7/10/2015You are fucking annoying
7/10/2015Stupid bitch that keeps posting. go away, nobody likes you here.
7/10/2015Nah-t hugs sweet lady!
7/10/2015You are so right
7/10/2015You are an evil, vile, hateful person
7/10/2015One of the most bitter hateful posters on GLP - Resister
7/10/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
7/8/2015Yes we are the gods...intelligent poster
7/8/2015You nailed it!
7/8/2015Spamming MSNBC/MotherJones Dem Propaganda
7/8/2015Hump Day Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/8/2015God loves you - Lisa*Lisa
7/7/2015So dumb!
7/7/2015Great idea for women in areas where access to these drugs is outlawed, but abortion is legal in the US. You'd think it would be more efficient and inexpensive...
7/7/2015I love your threads green for you
7/7/2015Have a blessful day....fromthefuture
7/7/2015Weekly red gor you, smelly cunt. Now back to the kitchen, you fat sow!
7/7/2015Still trying, aren't you.
7/6/2015I liked you but now you seem like a bitter righteous tàrd
7/6/2015Hypocrite! YOU are the hater, not the Christians
7/6/2015You would know an idiot wouldnt you?
7/6/2015Tsk tsk
7/6/2015Your ignorance is only surpassed by your need to hate. I hope that changes one day for you. - RCC
7/6/2015You go out of your way to mock Christians.
7/6/2015Disgusting, mindless sow.
7/5/2015Fuck the fake christians of GLP :: GP
7/5/2015Exhibit A in the case against the 19th Amendment.
7/5/2015So bitter and full of nothing but hate
7/5/2015"That's not love, that's extortion." - nice one!
7/5/2015Full of win!
7/5/2015Why are you so hateful?
7/5/2015Love Iset
7/5/2015Nasty person
7/5/2015Just when I thought you could not go any lower. Hateful, spitefull bitch cunt.
7/5/2015Low level grunt
7/5/2015Hateful troll
7/4/2015More red for the dumbest, fattest, cunt on GLP.
7/4/2015The best part of my week is giving you red karma. Ivy League scholarship my ass.
7/4/2015Skyfairy this
7/4/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2015Fuck you, freedom hating anti-constitutional bitch
7/3/2015Fake lesbian
7/3/2015You beat me to it! 3 doctors found dead against big pharma. ~KimmieAnnaJones
7/3/2015You are the worst kind of liberal
7/3/2015Sprout for balance
7/2/2015I've had an awesome day, and still the best part was figuring out I could give you RED again. See you next week.
7/2/2015Speaking the TRUTH !
7/2/2015Just no
7/2/2015You are such an inspiration! nah-t!
7/2/2015Hi from UseLessRepEATER
7/1/2015You sound like a real catch... -_- zzz
7/1/2015Crazy and without merit
7/1/2015"I don't judge people" "I'm not a retarded fuck" seems like you are actually. simplemind
7/1/2015Nagger lovin [email protected] endorsing Cow....
7/1/2015Your data backed arguments on the 4.5 BYO Earth thread! Can't stand folks that refuse to look at even the fossil record! Lol! Cheers to you! ~Calidruid
7/1/2015For being the winner! (Observor)
7/1/2015Aww you responded to my post with red. How pathetically immature. You ooze hatred and negativity. Get help before you snap. AnonymousGirl
7/1/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/1/2015Ugly Mudshark
7/1/2015Fuck your gawd.
7/1/2015Faggots getting married is nothing like darkies and whiteys getting married you dumb perverse libcunt
7/1/2015You hate this site so much why bother with us?
7/1/2015Far too much harmful science going on these days -kira
6/30/2015Have a good night
6/30/2015Just returning the Karma, Joelim
6/30/2015Abortion would have been the right choice for your mother. Smeller of Jews.
6/30/2015You're brave. I get my feelings hurt by some Christians when I point out bible facts. :)_OCD
6/30/2015Lost, angry soul.
6/30/2015Fucking Cunt Whore.
6/30/2015Your fucking gay
6/30/2015Wow...you really don't stand for anything do you?
6/30/2015Expell the darkness
6/30/2015Jesus loves you! - Lisa*Lisa :)
6/30/2015Corrective period? You are an asshat sis
6/30/2015Get your fatass back in the kitchen where it belongs ~upperdecker
6/30/2015Libtard freak
6/30/2015You can change your picture and your name but I still know who you are "teller of truths" atheist pig
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