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[email protected] Trump's Karma

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4/9/2015You get dumber with every post
4/9/2015Profile pic is classic HUGE fat girl pose attention whore
4/9/2015Cuz it's fun!
4/8/2015For your nose. Citadel
4/8/2015Nagger nose
4/8/2015Thank you for speaking up about reality
4/7/2015Just because
4/7/2015Now we know what the socialists think the Constitution says.
4/7/2015Green Karma for you :) Love Angelseverywhere
4/7/2015Told ya I would return the green - Roobit
4/7/2015Weekly Cunt Karma
4/6/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Whore)
4/6/2015Good advice/feedback for the OP in the 'my mom attempted suicide' thread - WOLF
4/6/2015Great and true comments about Israel. ^5! -- Kneel Schlongstrong
4/6/2015Wiccan b**** you need Jesus
4/5/2015Superb eyes Korats
4/5/2015Some green for ya. Raye
4/5/2015I think we agree on most everything, minus abort. Happy spring! KimmieAnnaJones
4/5/2015More red
4/5/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
4/5/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/5/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Whore)
4/5/2015Green drop - Corkygreenstate
4/5/2015Whore , yeah i agree
4/5/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/4/2015You have a way of putting things in their proper perspective...my 2 cents
4/4/2015A green island in a sea of red hatred. Hawk02
4/4/2015Wth is your problem anyway ?
4/4/2015I love the quaraum also !!
4/4/2015Jesus still Loves you, forgive your father for sexually abusing you. Jesus is waiting for you
4/4/2015Gaystapo nazi hag
4/4/2015"If the state says serve gay weddings, you serve gay weddings." You don't like God's rules but you sure do love satan's
4/4/2015Grammar so poor, from you oh great whore
4/4/2015For courage to speak the singular Truth regardless of consequences. <3 (L&L)
4/4/2015At least you changed youre name to a truthful one.
4/3/2015Just to put balance BACK SNAKEGIRL
4/3/2015You are spot-on about Krissy
4/3/2015Your attitude is very rude and ugly.
4/3/2015Satan butt humps your nose
4/3/2015Just cuz the avatar is hot. -fieldy
4/3/2015Get the fuck off of GLP you dumb cunt whore.
4/3/2015Everytime you open your lips something stupid comes out. Live some real life before you speak.
4/3/2015Cherry picking your arguments again?
4/2/2015How about a big slice of a "Shut the Fuck Up" cake from a Christan baker?
4/2/2015Liberal Retard....!
4/2/2015Rude and liberal. yikes
4/2/2015Green from SeanoftheDead
4/2/2015You'll reap what you sow. Guaranteed.
4/2/2015No equality should be for both sides. There are plenty of gays
4/2/2015Not really into whores but I guess you earned this.
4/2/2015You Should Know Why
4/2/2015Uh oh, Churchy McPew no want you on his thead! =0
4/2/2015Pretty eyes, from,, whats next :)
4/1/2015Sir Tim :)
4/1/2015Your attitude is ugly
4/1/2015For some reason I really like you. ~ShillShank
3/31/2015Love the posts!
3/31/2015Poop is your lube.
3/30/2015For being a hateful godless bitch
3/30/2015Spreading gay propaganda
3/30/2015Such a hater.
3/30/2015Attention whore
3/30/2015I see by your list you thought I was the one who called you a cunt yesterday, wrong. Thanks for the shitty language CUNT
3/30/2015Pure evil
3/30/2015The whore part is correct
3/30/2015You are a foolish little girl who is being taught by demon spirits...
3/30/2015Increase your meds - your sick
3/30/2015The voice of reason
3/30/2015Dumb cunt.
3/29/2015Tsk tsk
3/29/2015Hello WoB :) Thank you for stopping by the thread Love Angelseverywhere
3/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/29/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/29/2015Posted it for ya! - Adam's Ale
3/29/2015Fitting name. Have some red, red and purple are your colors.
3/29/2015I'm sure some religitards have given you red. - L.Kayle
3/29/2015Weapon of mass yeast infection.
3/29/2015If it is you on your avatar. WOW :) Korats
3/27/2015Just kiddin...Dr.Hill
3/27/2015Hijab, now
3/27/2015In honor and celebration of your increasing status from dumb to bad voodoo spirit to confused to muzz lover to muzz cunt to whore of Babylon. <3 (L&L)
3/27/2015Enjoy your posts
3/27/2015Whore of babylon
3/27/2015Dumb Muzz Cunt
3/26/2015Iranian Muzz lover
3/26/2015For standing up to the zionists.
3/26/2015You are so confused
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