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Ralph--a house dog's Karma

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12/7/2022Green for you! :) digital mix guy
3/22/2022Green - Big Daddy D
7/6/2021Green - Big Daddy D
4/24/2021Where did you go, friend? :( ~PENG
7/23/2020Thank you!!! Covid19
3/7/2020Miss ya ~PENG
1/25/2020Hope all is going well - ElleMira
1/24/2020Green - Big Daddy D
10/15/2019Thought of you today hope all is well Love GFG
9/15/2019Green hugs, forever friend- petpeeve
8/17/2019Have a great weekend! - abeliever
8/14/2019Buddy list green karma trade from buddy deplorable quantum love. Hit me back!
8/6/2019Buddy Green Karma Trade from Buddy Deplorable QuantumLove. Hit me back. xo
8/4/2019I hope you are doing ok. Love, P. Grasshopper
7/4/2019Happy 4th - ElleMira
6/28/2019Hey Ralph - thinking I haven't see you around in a while and hope all is well! Sloane
5/7/2019Green - Big Daddy D
5/6/2019Hugs and love for the house dog from nutmeg!
4/13/2019Green - Big Daddy D
4/4/2019Green - Big Daddy D
3/26/2019Green - Big Daddy D
3/19/2019Hello from White Wolf :)
3/15/2019Green - Big Daddy D
3/9/2019Sending you some green Karma- petpeeve
3/5/2019Green - Big Daddy D
3/2/2019How are things with you, my friend? From Tiger1.
3/2/2019White Wolf was here!
2/26/2019Such a handsome dog. - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
2/24/2019Love GFG
2/23/2019Green - Big Daddy D
2/19/2019Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
2/18/2019For my favorite house dog....last one
2/18/2019Presidents Day Green~ USA! Hawk-03
2/17/2019Love you! ~ A Friend
2/17/2019Whats up Patriot Ralph!!!...saved
2/16/2019Thanks! Back at ya!
2/16/2019Weekend buddy green! White Wolf :)
2/16/2019Forum/message/green frum Dace =-P
2/16/2019Green wishes- abeliever
2/15/2019Green - Big Daddy D
2/12/2019Happy Valentine's Day, Ms. Ralph! ~SLC
2/11/2019Wishing you a wonderful week. Alpacalips
2/10/2019Peace to you :)
2/9/2019Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
2/9/2019Saturday green. Paranoiaaaaa
2/8/2019Hi Ralph... Have a great day!! Yendor
2/7/2019Buddy list Green from deplorable Quantum love. Please return the favor
2/7/2019Green - Big Daddy D
2/6/2019Woof, broomsgoat
2/6/2019Good post - Northwind36
2/5/2019Praying for you...Mabel Kuntzvurth
2/5/2019Torchie green!
2/5/2019Thank you for the prayers - God Bless - ElleMira
2/4/2019From Ohio chic xoxo
2/3/2019Smoke the super bowl full of green karma!! Hawk-03
2/3/2019From reepster
2/2/2019Green for a good weekend. NolaAngel
2/2/2019Greens (wild edibles)
1/31/2019Xoxo ~slc
1/31/2019For my favorite house dog....last one
1/29/2019Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
1/29/2019Green my friend! - Big Daddy D
1/28/2019Have an awesome day! White Wolf
1/28/2019Love ya GFG
1/27/2019Woofwoof, broomsgoat
1/27/2019Miss you! You have always been an outstanding asset to the forum community! God bless you! ~ DeplorableOldMan
1/27/2019Wishing u the best <3
1/26/2019Now that I've thought about it, thanks for the suggestion on my thread....love-love, cosmicgypsy
1/26/2019Green hugs~kpm~
1/26/2019Green for ya. Have an awesome day. NolaAngel
1/25/2019Penny Peppers loves Ralph
1/23/2019Animal friendly green~Paranoiaaaaa
1/23/2019Bodi Bump
1/23/2019Turtle green :)
1/23/2019Great to see you! beeches
1/22/2019There you are Ralph! :) Sloane
1/22/2019Green - BDD
1/21/2019Thank you for the story! -J-
1/21/2019Hi Ralphie .. : ) .Lilopin
1/20/2019Wgon :-)
1/19/2019Right back at ya! Gonna be an exciting day im thinking....saved
1/18/2019Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
1/18/2019Sending you some green karma hugs- petpeeve
1/15/20192019 green! God Bless ~ Cartel
1/12/2019Missed you! Hugs and love from nutmeg!
1/11/2019Like your posts ~ LearningEveryDay
1/11/2019When I was a kid, I wanted to name our new dog Ralph. Parents didn't let me! Those jerks. ~Boaty
1/11/2019Passing through - Big Daddy D
1/8/2019Great to see you! Hawk-03
1/7/2019Happy New Year! Adytum
1/7/2019Prayers and hugs to you, friend!~Fluffy Pancakes
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