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Ralph--a house dog's Karma

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1/2/2013Reported Abusive Post
1/1/2013Thank you for the free book link!
1/1/20131 for great posts > issuex
1/1/2013Gave free books link
1/1/2013Happy new year :) Anti Vortex
12/31/2012Thank you Ralph, it was kind of you to say that. Happy New Year. Black Knight
12/31/2012Happy new year! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
12/31/2012Agree with Ralph
12/30/2012Thank you- Love the pup- Etta
12/30/2012Reported Abusive Post
12/30/2012Great thread on semi autos- WAKEUPAMERICA01
12/30/2012Ty for the karma, from , JUST HERE
12/30/2012I know your thread didn't get pinned, but the subject is good so green for you. -- davvi
12/28/2012Can read between the lines.
12/28/2012Sonic doom:)
12/27/2012LMFAO @ CERN making me my alternate self. I appreciate you.
12/26/2012Reported Abusive Post
12/25/2012Great idea for GLP to pitch in for more than three people to help. Merry Christmas...morgan.
12/25/2012Merry Christmas, Brief :)
12/25/2012Merry Christmas - Resister
12/25/2012Wishing you a beautiful Christmas! Sloane
12/24/2012Merry Christmas to you! - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
12/24/2012Merry Christmas from CuriosityCat1
12/24/2012Thank you for your thoughtful insight! -The Sonic Dreamer
12/23/2012Great thread Dog--Useless repeater
12/23/2012Really useful post on the nutrient depletion from psych drugs
12/22/2012Nice contribution friend
12/22/2012Karmalove from samanthasunflower
12/21/2012Oath Keeper for life- WAKEUPAMERICA01
12/21/2012For your dog and for Heinlein
12/21/2012Happy Mayan Doomsday!! -- Travis Bickle
12/21/2012Great research. pool
12/20/2012Merry Christmas pup! Laura Bow
12/18/2012Merry Christmas! -CeeLite
12/18/2012Green for your Feinstein thread....indiandave
12/17/2012Seems like it,,,Goneviral
12/17/2012Thanks for YT links. a student of Protean thought
12/14/2012Reported Abusive Post
12/13/2012HO! HO! HO! -- Travis Bickle
12/12/20125*, pin request & plus karma for a great post- everything is a lie
12/10/2012Love the Santa hat! Laura Bow
12/9/2012Good post Goneviral
12/8/2012Thank you for your kind words - NothingFancy
12/8/2012Thanks ralph, and right back at you. --- davvi
12/6/2012Yaaay! Doom on!!!
12/5/2012Brilliant post on the Assad/Chem Weapons thread about the Armageddonists! - Eireann~
12/4/2012Travis Bickle was here!
12/2/2012Great dog!! :) -- Thor's Hamster
11/30/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/29/2012Good post in the vacation thread, and i like your dog. --- davvi
11/28/2012<3 - Turtles Voice
11/28/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/25/2012Great dental info, OP! thanks, TIS
11/25/2012Good tips!
11/25/2012Cool doggie...I have an old pitty as well_ Emerald Glow
11/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/25/2012You lying sack of shit.
11/25/2012For inflammatory dental advice, bravo!
11/25/2012I never bought that dentist crap, either!
11/25/2012For the dental info! Thanks. --DT2
11/25/2012Thanks for the info. I've been looking into this.
11/25/2012Incredible post about tooth health. anti-agenda21
11/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/23/2012Nice care for the dog comments
11/22/2012Did Ralph get busted? MultiStrada
11/20/2012Sociopathic judgement
11/20/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/20/2012For the "Buy American" thread. From Tiger1.
11/17/2012Helpful info
11/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/17/2012I love Ralph! What a sweet dog. :) Sloane
11/17/2012Because you read the article. Here is a Ho Ho for you!
11/13/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/12/2012Thanks for the pin suggestion!
11/10/2012Welcome to the jungle! CuriosityCat1
11/7/2012Fuck yeah
11/5/2012For the lovely Ralph - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
11/2/2012Nice response to to the preper thread. ~ Jericho9
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