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Etta's Karma

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11/28/2013Grrrreen fur the good
11/28/2013Be good! :D calx
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving!! - Indysmindy
11/27/2013Happy Thanksgiving! Brief :)
11/22/2013Hi Etta, wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving...davvi
11/22/2013Hello! my 2 cents
11/16/2013Peace- Totenkopf
11/14/2013Hi Etta!!....my 2 cents
11/13/2013Green back too ya!-XJ
11/11/2013Hello to you Etta - Hope you are well - ANHEDONIC
11/8/2013Green thanks from No Dhimmi
11/8/2013Grrrreen for the good!
11/7/2013Hi Etta, so good to see you....davvi
11/6/2013Hi, ummmm just been busy and no recent doom dates to keep eye on excet ISON? - Indysmindy
11/5/2013For green eyes~Silvervega
11/2/2013Hugs and kisses on all the pink parts, Brief :)
10/29/2013Hi Etta... my 2 cents
10/27/2013Green for the good amonst us, fps
10/22/2013Cheers Etta, I hope you are well...davvi
10/20/2013Thank you for coming back to update your thread - ANHEDONIC
10/20/2013Hi Etta. Hope your weekend is good...my 2 cents
10/19/2013For knowing my old hood...george town, seattle , wa. xray j
10/18/2013Green for etta and pup , fps
10/17/2013Hi! Brief :)
10/16/2013Completely humbled!
10/16/2013ETTTAAAAAA -Acula
10/12/2013Hello my friend...my 2 cents
10/9/2013Green Greetings from No Dhimmi
10/8/2013Thanx! furry pete
10/8/2013Green be4 Doom - Indysmindy
10/4/2013Yeah... your karma is working again... my 2 cents
10/3/2013Hugs Etta, davvi
10/3/2013People are getting pissed at the republicans. are you an idiot? its all over the streets. repubs are re sponsible for this shit
10/3/2013Karma time ...my Moms name is Etta - joinca
10/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/28/2013Hey! Brief :)
9/23/2013Hi Etta! my 2 cents
9/16/2013Hi Etta, davvi
9/13/2013My 2 cents
9/11/2013Great find.
9/11/2013Because etta is awesome- totenkopf
9/9/2013Soon! lol -Acua
9/5/2013Hi Etta..nice avi..my 2 cents
9/5/2013Thanks etta, green back 2 u, FPS
9/4/2013Brief :)
9/2/2013Hey friend! soon! -Acula
8/28/2013Thanks for the green...waitn4end
8/28/2013Green Thank from No Dhimmi
8/28/2013Hello, Etta, and hugs...davvi
8/27/2013Your welcome... Anderson_G
8/27/2013Thx for not ignoring me :) - Indysmindy
8/25/2013Good morning! Brief :)
8/24/2013Hi Etta! my 2 cents
8/21/2013Thanks for the green :) salt
8/18/2013Etta!!!! -Acula
8/17/2013For Eygpt link - Indysmindy
8/16/2013Hi Etta: have a great weekend! my 2 Cents
8/15/2013Thx E!
8/9/2013Thank you and green greetings to you, Etta..davvi :- ).
8/9/2013Hi! Nice AV, Brief :)
8/5/2013Thanks :) My 2 Cents
8/5/2013Thx etta
8/1/2013Thank You for the BDay wish ...Much Love & Respect ...dettro
8/1/2013Green for Etta! -Dr. Acula
7/25/2013Glad to hear about the jobs!...My 2 Cents
7/23/2013Brief :)
7/18/2013Hey friend! -Acula
7/17/2013All the best !! My 2 Cents
7/14/2013Hello Etta, always good to see you...davvi =)
7/13/2013Thanks etta, back atcha
7/9/2013Hi Etta, Hope your week is going well! My 2 Cents
7/9/2013Hey my friend!!!! how is it going?! -Acula
7/9/2013Brief :)
7/8/2013Hope all is well with you ETTA ...peace...dettro : )
7/1/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
6/29/2013Hope you're doing well-My 2 Cents
6/29/2013Hey ETTA, much Love and Respect ....peace...dettro
6/28/2013Hugs, Etta --- davvi = )
6/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
6/21/2013Hi Etta! My 2 Cents
6/20/2013Thx etta, back atcha
6/13/2013Hi Etta! Have a great weekend..My 2 Cents
6/7/2013Hey Etta! have a good weekend! -Dr. Acula
6/4/2013Howdy --reaperz73
6/3/2013Good morning Etta, and thank you. davvi = )
6/3/2013Brief :)
6/3/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
6/2/2013Hi Etta! My 2 Cents
6/1/2013Karma from, JUST HERE :)
5/29/2013Emails from an asshole link..hilarious! geminilion
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