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randir14's Karma

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12/1/2018Fantasizing about murdering policemen?! You are FUCKED in the head!!! I hope some government agency sees this post.
12/1/2018Yay! Someone had to say it! â¤ï¸ðŸ˜
11/25/2018Accept Jesus as their savior
11/21/2018Keyboard tough boy
11/21/2018Pizza fortress
11/20/2018Phi <3
11/17/2018Nobody tells me what to do
11/17/2018Give me more red karma. Here you are !
11/17/2018I really liked that pic of your gaping asshole you sent me. Fapped 4 times so far. THANKs!!
11/17/2018Oooo so edgy.
11/13/2018Enjoy your red
11/13/2018Daft, like an idiot, but worse
11/9/2018Indian Spirituality. ~The Vigilant
11/8/2018You shills out tonight baby MAGA
11/8/2018Boo hoo. stop crying. karma? i had my testicles removed due to cancer and I cry less than you you crybaby snowflake
11/8/2018Phi <3
11/7/2018Not true. I have a medical Marijuana card. I’m able to buy guns.
11/7/2018God Emperor .NOT. !
11/7/2018For being right and getting clobbered over it.
11/7/2018You still wrong
11/6/2018Green for saying Mark Taylor was a False Prophet then and now.
11/6/2018Bitch about red karma = reveive more red karma :-)
11/6/2018But an idiot is still an idiot if only right once. -- CleverCreator
10/23/2018Well observed, nice to see you are behaving yourself now
10/23/2018Nice comment
10/22/2018Copy that! Arcbender
10/20/2018Stupid fcking comment, u dick
10/17/2018Good answer. Kitty Kat. :)
10/15/2018"The people crying about it dehumanizing them are the same ones who call every Trump supporter a Russian bot." - Spot on!!
10/14/2018Back in the basement pussy we are making this country what it should be
10/10/2018High I.Q. for not believing in Q
10/10/2018Midgets are the best... know what I mean ;)
10/9/2018Yep...that's a butthurt
10/9/2018More for ya soy boy
10/9/2018Neocon Nikki Haley gone? Yay! More WINNING- IMO!
10/9/2018Who is the cuck now, hm?
10/9/2018Hey fuck wad look who got confirmed! Guess you were wrong! WALKAWAY!!!
10/9/2018F'ing libtard loser
10/8/2018Soros told me you're a good cocksucker. ~Q
10/8/2018You butt hurt you lost the SC? Bwahahahahah!
10/7/2018YUP, and when the devil is done with them, they get thrown away.
10/3/2018Ass boy
9/26/2018Fuck Off You Commie Avenasti Ass Lapper!
9/26/2018You must be new here
9/24/2018Commie fuck show troll
9/24/201809/23/2018 11:24 pm
9/23/2018A broken douchbag. Smelly and worthless.
9/22/2018Suck cocker
9/22/2018Liberal Cocksucker
9/22/2018This guy woke up naked in a pig sty with a shit covered peter, looked at the camera and said with a shit eating grin, "Jäger!"
9/15/2018Common sense
9/14/2018Your really working your BS, but your getting no where on this site. Keep wasting your time...freak.
9/14/2018Here is one of Tree Fiddy to come Ya god damn liberalness monsta
8/14/2018Green for sticking up for dogs- petpeeve
8/9/2018Go back to fisting your asshole--you can't handle the internet.
8/5/2018Thank you!/REMJR1
7/28/2018Thank you in the Q thread bro. They gonna red karma you and I`m giving you this green to help. (Beast Baby)
7/28/2018Your life is shit
7/27/2018Welcome to a libtard pedophile

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