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BxMac's Karma

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9/27/2013You should be a stand up comic! geminilion
9/27/2013Nothing but love, Sloane
9/26/2013Thanks for the kind words and support! Larisa :)
9/25/2013For Super Bowl Dave....SnakeAirlines​
9/24/2013One of the best and brightest on GLP. Then again this endorsement comes from Hawk02.
9/24/2013Thank you for making me laugh to the point of bely ache, with your post ending "Good night and God bless America" Comedy gold!!! Hahahahahahaha
9/24/2013Rofl hahaha awesome! ~UAP
9/23/2013Karma just because. -- EK
9/21/2013"An airplane was about to crash"
9/21/2013Thanks for the support...the stupidity on here gets to me sometimes..lol...Mr2
9/21/2013Funny post thanks for sharing -Steamrolled
9/19/2013"Cinderella's not going to be whining about missing that ball." Priceless! Lol. MX
9/19/2013Hi Mac :) Have the best day! Sloane
9/18/2013For always making me laugh and smile...geminilion
9/18/2013Sunshine and autumn breezes over and over again
9/18/2013What is wrong with you?
9/18/2013You suck
9/18/2013WTF is up with you getting so much red? - Eireann~
9/18/2013What a douche bag thing to say
9/18/2013Aren't you a lovely little libtard! Try being human sometime.
9/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/16/2013Just sayin' Hi! TB
9/16/2013Jew hating scum
9/13/2013Some green for being Anti Fiendstein ~ Bear Drinker
9/12/2013You are a joke! Mets suck! G-d bless the Jews!
9/10/2013We have a mole amoungst us . Mr Oysterhead (Oyster)
9/10/2013Jews made me do this
9/7/2013Totally earned
9/7/2013Great comment/comeback on the 9-11 thread. morgan
9/7/2013Enjoy your weekend! geminilion
9/6/2013Human being
9/4/2013Smart words on what gives them right
9/2/2013For the funny! LittleMissDicatator :0)
9/2/2013So I can find your prifile Easily!
8/31/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/30/2013You're one of the good ones here on GLP, cheers to you friend : ]
8/30/2013Mobile loves Comedian and hates you :-)
8/29/2013Makes sense to me
8/29/201310/10 laughed
8/27/2013For speaking your mind in the 'walk-in clinic' thread - ANHEDONIC
8/23/2013Come on! you are something else! bxmac all the way. smile.
8/21/2013Karma Love :)
8/19/2013Lol ag
8/19/2013Poetry thread responses. Nice. -- EK
8/18/2013Great movie
8/16/2013Okay you're a funny motherfucker.
8/16/2013Mets...nuff said... one day we will triumph ... conveyor
8/16/2013Much love, friend <3 - Iolar
8/14/2013Hi Mac! geminilion
8/13/2013Fast food ftw!!!
8/13/2013Good post..karma from gonviral
8/12/2013Hawko was here. hope all is well.
8/11/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/11/2013Truth is beauty is your way come. have a perfect day. heart.
8/10/2013Yes! Right on about the "EBT" OP.
8/10/2013For being so darn kindhearted. Very good example my dear. Sloane
8/9/2013Well said!
8/8/2013For Cracka Jack. :)
8/5/2013Thanks for replying to my debt collection question - piecesofme
8/5/2013Honor the memory of those lost on the USS Liberty! -- from goodmockingibrd
8/4/2013For always making me laugh!!! Pricillas! geminilion
8/1/2013For chatting up my poetry thread. -- EK
7/31/2013Thanks for being here. ~ A Friend
7/31/2013And there is darkness....
7/31/2013Great parenting
7/27/2013Kate and ttowngirl is my reality show wet dream.
7/26/2013Hi! geminilion
7/26/2013Thanks man! calx
7/25/2013Could i love you one bit more? haha you are great! octobersolstice
7/25/2013Thanks for adding to my audio nerd thread! ~Fret Wiz
7/23/2013POINTS for being an Audiophile! Best! St3v3
7/23/2013You take the best vacations!
7/22/2013Green >> Dangerwalt
7/18/2013Hi ...karma from Gonviral for u!!
7/16/2013Excellent thread
7/16/2013Love <3 Turtles
7/14/2013Seen the METS on Fathers Day.. I grew up in Shea Stadium
7/14/2013Mets suck
7/13/2013Let's Go Mets!
7/11/2013Nice words. love octobersolstice
7/8/2013Five Man Electrical Band ....C.C
7/2/2013Your poetry! octobersolstice
6/29/2013For wonderful poinant writing ~ Friend
6/29/2013You're a trip--eekers
6/29/2013Thanks for your mail! =) Inerrancia
6/28/2013For being a great dad. Have the best weekend. Sloane
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