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BxMac's Karma

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4/7/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/6/2013One for The Hag - Okie
4/4/2013For keeping it real...geminilion
4/3/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/2/2013Great reply *ella
3/27/2013True dat... greenT
3/24/2013Rory...LOL (My 2 Cents)
3/19/2013You are spot on -krystle ann
3/15/2013I likes me some clever bad puns. *waves
3/14/2013Great post in the "barefoot man prays" thread
3/13/2013Keep smiling =)
3/11/2013All around good dude ;) salt
3/9/2013Yes 'another Dick' unfortunately :( Sloane
3/6/2013Sleeping Giant
3/6/2013You do make me chuckle.
3/3/2013Cheers --- davvi
3/2/2013Very very funny comment!
2/28/20131 from start of thread to bring an enjoyable read - mission accomplished :3
2/26/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/21/2013Thank you for the encouragement- Sleeping Giant
2/19/2013Thanks for the incouragment! Littlemiracles
2/19/2013Such a fucking boring poster... Zzzzz... Give it a rest, before i fall into a coma. Jesus...
2/16/2013Thanks for the nice post. Manu
2/14/2013This dude does not smoke. Right on! Hawk02
2/14/2013Thanks for participating in my thread!!!....Hag....:​)
2/14/2013You support the bitch then, bitch.
2/12/2013Michael Caine, indeed ~ Gigolo Jesus
2/9/2013Hahahahhaahhaahahahah​a :)
2/9/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/7/2013All the best to you too.. -J-
2/6/2013Funny :-) Fuddy Duddy
2/5/2013Made me LOL. Laughter is good for the soul, therefore you deserve good Karma since you enriched my being. :)
2/5/2013For knowing where my username came from :)
2/2/2013Thank you for serving our country. pool
2/2/2013Karma from one Met fan to another! geminilion
2/2/2013Nice chatting with you. Black Knight
2/1/2013My brother and I grew up the same way as you did. Your observations are spot on.
1/31/2013The ignorance rejoices in their stupidity and I can clearly hear you.
1/30/2013Full of it
1/28/2013Evil Seagull Karma.. Sir Griffo
1/27/2013ASV = Shill
1/27/2013For the funny! Littlemiracles
1/27/2013Keep fighting the good fight! Hope all is well with you, take care! - insertfunnyusername :)
1/26/2013Think of this as just another "hit" on you.
1/24/2013You suck as a person
1/18/2013Hysterical you're really witty Don'tBeAfraid
1/14/2013Good advice
1/14/2013Thanks for the encouragement bro!
1/14/2013Smokings bad m'kay -J-
1/12/2013Good advice for Sam. *thumbs up
1/8/2013Funny! You made me laugh while I am having the worst flu ever! LittleMissDictator
1/8/2013Eat another big mac u worthless pile of shit
1/8/2013Great post on Capt blowhorn!
1/6/2013Thanks > Dangerwalt
1/2/2013Peace ! - subzero86
1/2/2013For the hillary laugh :()
1/2/2013For your good advice to OP ~ Junkyard Lily
1/2/2013Happy new year to you to my friend. Desert Fox
12/21/2012The love of Merle! - Whiteangel
12/14/2012Lets go mets!!!- mrmuffins
12/14/2012Hookin u up! ~Spaze*Man~
12/12/2012For being a Met fan..I get crap for it all the time lol geminilion
12/8/2012Smoker thread support. Desert Fox
12/8/2012Support group karma :)
12/4/2012I know you can quit smoking! You are not your brain. You are more than that. Beat it! - GP
12/1/2012You can do this. Desert Fox
11/21/2012He evacuated US citizens out of Lebanon in 1976-77.
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