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5/29/2023STuffed peppers sounds great. Have a very fine week! Piece of Gossip
9/3/2022Haven't seen you lately, hope you are ok. Susan vogelwehsue at gmail
6/14/2020Green for at least having the balls to state your beliefs, freedom of speech. LTHN.
2/13/2020Love, chauchat
11/17/2019Job... standing the test of time, or... keeping in time with timelessness.
10/23/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/9/2019If jesus walked the earth....
10/1/2019Solomon thread U idiot.
9/7/2019JW's need to be born again. Accept Jesus as Savior, Lord & God. Or, don't. Your choice.
9/1/2019I pray you may get saved
7/5/2019What a wonderful world... presenting the magnificence of the biosphere as artists do...
4/22/2019King Solomon... not the wise guy he proported to be after all, 1,000 honey bunnies in the barn?
3/29/2019Why you giving green to this JW idiot, it's a pedophile cult you idiots.
1/27/2019Green for your Solomon thread - BirdMom
1/27/2019JW scum
12/29/2018Does anyone think about Jesus
12/15/2018Preying on the weak
11/23/2018For banning people
9/20/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/20/2018Women dont teach the bible
9/3/2018It is a beautiful planet we have-vivarium
9/3/2018Estential question, who ever grew up without asking why? Any questions?
9/1/2018Women dont teach...its in the bible
8/21/20181st timothy 2:11
8/6/2018Count time door to door like the rest
7/31/2018Good thread
7/19/2018Thank you for sharing the passage! Very beautiful! 🌸
7/15/2018Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/22/2018God examines hearts.... especially those forged into a sword.
6/9/2018Hemi Dave, God bless CM.... again
5/22/2018Jonah, got crabs and squids and seaweed stuck all over him
4/28/2018Love GFG
4/27/2018Bless the Lord oh my soul ... TheLordsServanâÄčt
4/18/2018Even so, come, Lord Jesus. TheLordsServant
3/13/2018Another JW troll. You and DGN should become booty buddies.
3/8/2018We are kin. C. corax/strgzr :)
3/4/2018Had he not been faithful to the death he wouldn't have been resurrected. That's sword weilding.
2/24/2018Doggie rescues worms, might of woofed a couple but.... ....
2/16/2018Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/12/2018Nothing is impossible for the Father. TheLordsServant
1/30/2018Science/faith explanation G9
1/27/2018Pray and Believe! TheLordsServant
1/20/2018Go away
1/16/2018Trust God through this storm. TheLordsServant
1/8/2018Happy New Year & God bless you. TheLordsServant
12/29/2017Validation of the Gosples is their ...synchronicity...
12/29/2017Hi there
12/28/2017May God's Blessings be upon you and yours! TheLordsServant
12/20/2017May God's Grace rain down upon you! TheLordsServant
12/13/2017Prayers for strength and peace TheLordsServant
11/26/2017Give thanks to the Father for ALL your Blessings! TheLordsServant
11/17/2017Believe unto the Father and the Son. TheLordsServant
10/23/2017God will provide! TheLordsServant
10/18/2017Great question!
10/8/2017"God sees the heart" So do you sharing his divine invitation. Col1:9
9/30/2017On earth as it is in heaven. TheLordsServant
9/22/2017Pray to the Father in Jesus' name. TheLordsServant
9/8/2017Fully Trust the Father and His Son Jesus. TheLordsServant
9/2/2017Efelents turnk BB her y'all
8/23/2017How Great Is Our God! TLS
8/21/2017Love GFG
8/10/2017Just as in the days of Noah! TheLordsServant
8/8/2017589 was here
7/26/2017Thank God daily! TheLordsServant
7/15/2017All Glory to the Father! TheLordsServant
7/4/2017Love the way you trigger the heathens. - WWW
6/9/2017There is more than here, to take into consideration :) Beso
6/8/2017Thanks for your thread tonight - Lisa*LIsa :)
6/1/2017You're a cultist peddling an evil lie. You need to stop.
5/27/2017Trust in God! TheLordsServant
5/22/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
5/22/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
5/18/2017Prayers for strength and peace TheLordsServant
5/9/2017Hold on to His Promises! TheLordsServant
5/7/2017Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/6/2017In honor...~ Lady Truth
5/6/2017Thank you fo the nice Saturday eve ~ emptynest
5/6/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
5/6/2017Excellent idea for music thread. I hope it goes for pages and pages. Sloane
4/29/2017Shall He find faith on the earth? TheLordsServant
4/22/2017Pray for those not yet Saved. TheLordsServant
4/18/2017When are your leaders going to come clean about the child abuse? How about their ties to the UN? Will G. Jackson admit he lied to the court 12 times?
4/11/2017When you quote false prophets, you become one.
4/7/2017You made the sunshine on a rainy day x...NOSAINT x
4/2/2017The alternative we'er living and heading to is total self inflicted extinction.
3/21/2017Honoring the Teacher whose gift is greater than diamonds
3/19/2017God bless you friend- dust it off x
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