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5/23/2014Smarty pants
1/5/2014Those soldiers are green screened. Look at the background. Everything is blurry except the pawns. This picture is BS. Good day
12/25/2013Merry Christmas
11/25/2013"comet me bro" dude, that was epic! lol
11/20/2013Hey buddy!! hope you are well --eekers
11/16/2013Peace- Totenkopf
11/8/2013Comet at me bro! Funny!! From sound trxh
11/6/2013Thank you for the kind feedback, friend! - ANHEDONIC
11/5/2013WeAreOne passing through :)
11/3/2013I heard about your collection of jizz in 2 liter bottles
11/1/2013Profound love....<3
10/30/2013Low IQ
10/28/2013Great comments - M C
10/28/2013A sucker for a false religion
10/23/2013You're doing right.
10/22/2013Form green_girl - for the insightful conspiracy of conspiracies thread!
10/21/2013I like conspiracy kitty :) Martianprincess
10/18/2013Lmao that laughing asian dude trips me out all the time! - isaac
10/18/2013Lol - Last_In_Line
10/13/2013Bison for Congress.... lmao I die! Martianprincess
10/13/2013Awesome eagle pic. -- Munsoned
10/12/2013Awesome thread bro haha ~UAP
10/12/2013Green for you- totenkopf
10/11/2013Heres Some Karma For That Post! From Gonviral
10/6/2013Haaaaaa :)_ `````````````
10/5/2013Ha to funny.! TS
10/4/2013You're awesome! :) eekers threads are so much better with you :)
10/4/2013Fucking chinese mommy....
10/4/2013DAY 4 Green From The Inquisador
10/2/2013Green for you cloud man
10/2/2013I liked your thread and then I looked at your avatar ~Silvervega
10/2/2013Christina Bait thread comments! ROFL #mister_worldwide
9/30/2013For not being a fucking homophobe like 80% of this place. <3 Doomish
9/29/2013Thank you for the PC help - lightchild_uk
9/27/2013No need for Boots :)
9/26/2013Thanks for partcipating in my thread - Holy_Diver
9/26/2013Thanks for your Tao Te Ching tread, have a nice day! Galeb
9/25/2013Love GFG
9/24/2013Much love, paler
9/19/2013Nice post karma from gonviral
9/19/2013Cool avatar pic :-) trailingedge
9/17/2013Karma from eekers! i missed you, haven't seen you in a few days.
9/8/2013" All must bow down syndrome before him" - hahah, good one - I am he
9/7/2013Good posts- No More Lies
9/4/2013Day before doom Green from THE INQUISADOR
8/31/2013Wise words :)
8/29/2013Bruce Lee quote was awesome. - Pig
8/28/2013Love you comments!
8/27/2013For your positive attitude and for encouraging me to laugh-- eekers
8/25/2013We are here to experience and enjoy!
8/21/2013Lao Tsu >CH
8/20/2013New smiley
8/20/2013Another idiot
8/13/2013For making me LOL -BossBitch
8/13/2013Thanks for the weed gods..:P
8/13/2013Faggotville comment bizznitch
8/9/2013Nice humor and avatar ~theTruthMonger
8/7/2013Peaceful. pool
8/6/2013To GLP pipes!!! I'm in GA, throw me some ideas.. no portfolio yet, Thanks- FW
8/5/2013You don't understand anything
8/5/2013Provided constructive advice
8/2/2013Smart man
8/2/2013For caring to be a good person. ~ A Friend
8/1/2013You're a good person --- Diluted
7/31/2013Cremation thread is burning up
7/30/2013I will invest in you. You owe me one - Frank Rizzo
7/28/2013Empty not marvelous, whereabouts known, cloud revealed
7/28/2013That's some tasty Tao - ShamansDream
7/28/2013Thank you
7/28/2013Tao thanks >CH
7/27/2013Tao Te Ching Awesome thread... 4thhorseman
7/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/26/2013Random green from a fellow human traveler.
7/26/2013For the batman face I need to upgrade my account lmao -Ranger Batman
7/25/2013Cloud Hidden is a friend, friends give friends GOOD K.
7/18/2013Alan Watts is. -- EK
7/18/2013Thanks for the Watts thread!
7/17/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/17/2013Thank you for your reply! from Ellusion :)
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