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Subway Prophets's Karma

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11/9/20145 stars-Khan
11/8/2014That was awesome! lol -goat
11/3/2014Your overly aggressive monster is going to seriously hurt someone.
11/3/2014Your overly aggressive monster is going to seriously hurt someone.
11/3/2014Reported Abusive Post
10/30/2014For admitting your mistakes and being an all around honorable person. Thanks. <3 Doomish
10/29/2014Cool vid! t-man
10/29/2014Thanks for the red - ANHEDONIC
10/28/2014Rethink your bitterness.
10/21/2014Are you playing hide and go seek with me :-) Un op :-) hugs from Vala :-) xx
10/13/2014Your comments on the football thread. Thank you!
10/7/2014For of monsters and men! divisibledefeat
9/28/2014HAPPY early Halloween ;P Some GK as a treat - CalmShock
9/28/2014Thanks for the A.C.V. & Tart Cherry Juice tips; & helping the a.c.'s toe! ~~~Raye
9/23/2014Grreen fur the good
9/21/2014From the OP of science destroys religion.
9/21/2014Stick your bible firmly up your ass and shout hallelujah
9/18/2014Humans first!
9/9/2014Reported Abusive Post
9/9/2014Thanks I, not sure he wants to hear it, fps
9/8/2014For your perseverence with the demonic thread. Thanks for the green! Michael///KD0WSJ
9/8/2014Pompous ass. complete buffoon.
9/6/2014Yes, yes I do. Every single time.
9/4/2014Reported Copyright Violation
8/24/2014Mocking of the whole thread having read first post only
8/23/2014Awesome advice
8/16/2014Big wave hello from Vala :-)
8/15/2014Enjoy your lengthened stay on Earth - Mercury11
7/30/2014And you're just an ordinary idiot
7/29/2014Brief :)
7/28/2014Green back. -- Munsoned
2/9/2014Green for your MKultra vid. I'll pin it for 'ya if the mods don't respond to my pin request. Superduper
2/9/2014Thanks :) eekers
2/4/2014For the order of the silver hand!
1/16/2014Interesting take thx astral G
1/7/2014Kentucky rules!
1/7/2014Thank you for your green~~~~ muddogg
12/18/2013Simple27 : )
11/30/2013Superduper green for the best day! :) Sloane
11/13/2013Thank you kindly. DF
10/31/2013Threathning kids. Semen guzzler
10/31/2013Love GFG
10/25/2013Crisis-actor tard
10/24/2013Thank you...davvi
10/21/2013A very truthful worldview is expressed here in my opinion
10/14/2013Thx - Geo777
10/10/2013For finally letting go of floppies. LOL... Elouina
10/2/2013You are not a prophet
9/4/2013Thanks. ~UAP
6/23/2013Nice posting on the "white racist people" thread. - Sir Phy
6/1/2013For doubting the word of GOD you buttwipage! and..for threatening to hit a WOMAN! WHAT A JERK!
5/22/2013Eyes wide shut! from Ellusion :)
5/13/2013YOU Sir/Mam are a FUCKING IDIOT
4/21/2013Shut up and go to another site instead of whining
4/20/2013I thought the vid was good too -paradise havona
4/15/2013Another red karma Sighting
3/13/2013Nice big ups ++++++
3/7/2013Wow beautiful speech in disparity, the gap, rich vs poor. *Paranoid*Girl
1/30/2013You're comment on Mag 5.3 Coast of Oregon LOL -paradise havona
1/27/2013No nonsense
1/27/2013New Shill Alert! You losers are beyond pitiful!
1/19/2013Shill much?!
1/16/2013For kentucky! -DR. Acula
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