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12/1/2021Green from marooned
11/28/20212 more weeks.
11/28/2021I appreciate your threads! Cheers, ~ Kiska
11/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/28/2021For your thread today.. excellent. KAN DAEK
11/27/2021Jeff Childers vid
11/26/2021Haha affo ban thread post
11/25/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/25/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/25/2021Happy Thanksgiving. [email protected]
11/25/2021Ban/censor this, commie asshole
11/25/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2021For banning people on your threads
11/22/2021For being a fucking idiot
11/22/2021For your blocking of those who disagree with you
11/22/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/22/2021Green for the poll thread, from WGON (WKRP).
11/20/2021This is hilarious!
11/20/2021Great Bee article. ~SlowBro
11/20/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/20/2021Cause he liked my post
11/20/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/19/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/19/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/18/2021Ranting nutjob spewing absolute garbage. And now a dumb attention whoring poll. FFS
11/18/2021Should NOT have been tried at all.... Seekinginformation
11/18/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2021Are you trying to kill the patriots we have left? how many died using the paste on this forum alone.... you know too
11/14/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/14/2021For posting garbage
11/14/2021For hating on Rand
11/14/2021For posting the truth about rand - WB
11/13/2021Good post!
11/13/2021Vax bombs video thread - Your Crazy Mom
11/12/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/12/2021Bump For Trump - Wake Up Men
11/12/2021Explicit post
11/12/2021I have an asshole shilling my thread
11/12/2021Green 4 U - House of Tsang
11/11/2021Just think... an asshole calling someone telling the truth an asshole... PRICELESS!
11/11/2021AC Army!
11/11/2021Ban this, you deranged little snowflake.
11/11/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2021For your threads ! From Tiger One
11/11/2021I don't usually throw a lot of green krma around....but this is a GOOD one. Great find. Great message. Thank you for sharing. goodtimer
11/11/2021Trust mfs. strongman shelford
11/11/2021That is my Question all the time when People tell me to get the Shot.
11/11/2021Trust no one.
11/11/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/11/2021My Man!
11/11/2021David Martin green ~Flashbuzzkill
11/10/2021Fucking awesome share
11/10/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/4/2021Reported Abusive Post
11/4/2021Asshole bans anyone that isn't willing to suck Trumps dick. Trump isn't coming back. And stop posting all your BBC porn. Keep it to yourself Buzzdick.
11/3/2021Greeny nice find I hate watching fox news
11/3/2021Thank you....keep fighting
11/3/2021Thanks for commenting in the VA election thread! ~ Avenger1
11/3/2021Like your style
11/3/2021Ranting, incoherent nutjob. Censore this, asshole.
11/2/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2021Green from marooned
10/29/2021Who TRUMP is ENDORSING.
10/29/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/29/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/28/2021Well said
10/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/27/2021Just your usual red for being an ac hater
10/27/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/27/2021Thank you for posting about Fauci’s experiments with orphans— lightbulb
10/26/2021Wear we go won we go al
10/24/2021Lin Wood will be dropping the BOMB in two weeks, right? LOL
10/21/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/20/2021Weekly red for being GLP moron
10/20/2021For banning people
10/19/2021Use the search. Quit reposting shit.
10/19/2021Awesome thread on Chinese holdings. Fluffy Pancakes
10/19/2021Inaccurate list. Lin Wood is a douche.
10/19/2021Great thread, enlightening to say the least....last one
10/19/2021Green for your Truth telling! Keep on keeping on sir! Blessed Ev
10/19/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2021Delusional Trump cult fanatic so dumb he still putting money on Mike LIndell to reinstate his Dear Leader. lol
10/15/2021Trump will save us any day now! 23 people blocked from posting in your threads now. Get the sand out of your pussy.
10/14/2021Red for aiding and abetting communists in their takeover by encouraging actual patriots to stand down and wait on military. Absolute bullshit.
10/12/2021Reported Abusive Post
10/12/2021Excellent thread & Video! Thank you for sharing....
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