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Razorbackkid's Karma

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10/3/2014Cause of your money comment. Hilarious.
10/3/2014You add nothing to the discussion
8/21/2014Thank you for contributing to my thread -- filth
5/1/2014Sunken french submarine
4/30/2014For the lol!! ibyte on 2
4/28/2014TY theyrcoming
4/5/2014For making me laugh re Apr 17 - Keep Smiling
11/14/2013"It's like building a house of wood, then telling the trees used they can go back to being a tree." -Revbo
11/14/2013ObamaCare fun! Ancha.
9/21/2013Go Hawgs!-TheEndIsNigh20​13
9/19/2013Tomato plant comment.
9/5/2013Thanks...I need 1 more green to make this viral, can you help?...Emerald_Hlow
8/29/2013Thanks for the back up
8/24/2013Stick it up your ISON asstard
8/22/2013Brief :)
8/18/2013Very informative post on the riot thread, thanks-InsatiableSeek​er
8/17/2013Funny! But I did mean "slant"
7/28/2013Love And Peace to You. May God Continue to Richly Bless You.
7/28/2013What you have learned, and, admitted, will now bring you peace. love yourself and stay strong. <3
7/28/2013Returning the love. And for the bravery to share in your thread. Stay stong! ~Underpressure
7/28/2013Best Wishes!
7/28/2013For sharing your story, much love
7/27/2013Honesty ~ pea bee
7/27/2013GLP-Christian- giving some +1
7/18/2013Somebody should cleanse you off of the earth instead!
7/13/2013Fuck arkansas
7/13/2013Just because -- EK
7/13/2013Well. Interesting diatrib in the 'this time we're going to whitey's suburbs' thread. hannah
7/13/2013I will have one, thanks, Drunk Uncle
7/9/2013Sinkhole news thanks >CH
7/9/2013I agree that was weird... wtf was it
6/2/2013Great thread!! ~naga
6/2/2013Ccr +1
6/2/2013God bless. me777
6/2/2013I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.... -Anubis
3/9/2013For a fellw razorback fan j&v
2/24/2013Thought provoking thread
2/14/2013Woo Pig Sooieee - from J
2/14/2013Heavy duty lumber karma from Bowman.
2/10/2013Thank you - amach
2/1/2013Green back at ya! Earth Cries
1/26/2013Great point
1/19/2013Plus 1 from corizon :)
1/17/2013How about an avatar? Stay on the path, brother! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/6/2013Bless you brother FIRE WATCH
1/6/2013Blaee you....Lekker:)
1/6/2013Takes a lot of courage to admit your faults. My prayers are with you as you deal with your guilt and loss.
1/6/2013God sees the sorrow in your heart, and you will see your brother again in heaven. Your genuine humility and sorrow are proof of your forgiveness.
1/6/2013For you and Allen and all of the happy memories you should be holding dear to your heart. I wish you and your mother peace and comfort and may you be close and help each other heal. :) Martianprincess
1/6/2013Thank you for your story. *hugs* - Eireann~
1/6/2013God Bless you - Wishing you peace - G3
1/6/2013Good thread!
1/6/2013Karma for your thoughts.. cp
1/6/2013Thanks- WishIwas
1/5/2013Nothing but love for you. Sloane
1/5/2013Karma from KonspiracyKitty
1/5/2013God bless you.
1/5/2013Some good karma to follow you and give you strength
1/5/2013Many blessings to you, forgive yoursellf and find peace.... Ralph--a house dog
1/5/2013God bless you friend. The Creator has forgiven you, it's time you forgive yourself. Let Him lead you into truth and eternal life. - Voice
1/5/2013For your honesty. May you find peace...IRQ_1
1/5/2013For Sharing Your Story ... Zuzu
1/5/2013So sorry
1/5/2013So sorry
1/5/2013Sending much love to you, GLP Angel
1/5/2013Hugs and Love...from nutmeg
1/5/2013Your brother is smiling upon you ~ peace =^..^= Girl Genius
1/5/2013Be guilt free as you should.
1/5/2013May your soul be free of guilt now :) -Dr. Acula
1/5/2013Feel for ya man! ~Nostril
1/5/2013This world needs more honesty and forthright acceptance of responsibilty. You inspire. Thanks for sharing. <3 ~Cyclona~
1/5/2013You were forgiven long ago. Find peace my friend. ~PENG
1/5/2013Your Brother will be waiting for u at heavens gate <<TIMEWATCHER>>
1/5/2013Thanks for sharing. Peace to you.
1/5/2013Hugs))))) Kate
1/5/2013For you, and a hug for your parents. Vhoney
1/5/2013HUGS)))))) Alpacalips
1/5/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
12/29/2012Kid You need some Kharma! Hales
12/26/2012Lap dog

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