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4/10/2021Some april green - panther0621
8/10/2017Good info, wish I had known all that when I needed it.
10/22/2014Where ya been?
8/19/2014Anti-Semitic fool!
8/19/2014Oh you FOOL!
8/12/2014The Sun heals the body, mind and soul. The Sun brings all energy to earth. Wake up and stop spreading propaganda.
8/11/2014Fret Wiz
8/11/2014Hey haven't seen you around in a while. eekers
7/9/2014Enjoys cheesy cock smacked on his head
10/28/2013Lol, most people that claim they are sociopaths are the biggest pushover muppets imaginable
10/28/2013Good thread. Honesty is where it all starts.
8/3/2013Turkey shoot? take a break
8/3/2013A techno green :) SirFrance'sBeercan
7/31/2013Prime target mentality.
7/30/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
7/26/2013Fantastic Post. Great job JustinSider & Thx for looking out for you"re GLP family. *Little Miss Sunshine
7/26/2013Good thread on be alert and ready - d1scr3t31
7/25/2013Any action to try and help, is better than none. sadhuman
7/25/2013Most excellent -- super bowl dave
7/25/2013You've got a nice Dave Gahan look about ya ;)
7/25/2013This product causes cancer --eekers
7/25/2013Gay avatar is still gay.
7/25/2013For being a thoughtful OP. Exploringthetruth
7/25/2013Great thread! - RealCoolDude
7/25/2013Always contributing and posting -brado32003
7/24/2013Good thread mate. Doomy but not- I get ya. Was feeling the same a while back. EverybodysNobody.
7/24/2013'be alert and ready' good post- from Rammstein Fan
7/24/2013Very good info that everyone can implement immediately!
7/24/2013Thanx for the nudge, don't get wy some people are against prepping. - sumtymes
7/24/2013You care about others given the topic of your post - so green karma for you :-)
7/24/2013This poster is giving sound advice to all, especially for those with children, know in advance where to to meet.
7/24/2013Be Alert & Ready --- nice info - ElenaC
7/24/2013Nice thread, thanks - 905
7/24/2013For sharing things I hadn't thought of before. We are always learning ~ thank you!
7/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/24/2013For the be alert thread Carol B.
7/24/2013Thanks for alert thread! Nola
7/22/2013"ive had it with these mutha fuckin snakes! in this mutha fuckin toilet!" LOL
7/18/2013The 'good journey' comment - touching. Hugs, Sloane
7/18/2013Real sociopaths don't flaunt like little girls
7/16/2013Good point!
7/16/2013Fight Club quote - Reinvigorated Being
7/16/2013Anything tesla
7/16/2013Cool Tesla thread dude. EverybodysNobody
7/16/2013Tesla kicks ass. ~ HI.Lander
7/15/2013Justin, here's a tiny bit of green for you, sorry that the dweebs are giving you red. from Eggcellent
7/15/2013Green! I don't give a rats ass about your av. :)
7/13/2013I respect your honesty. - Integrity101
7/12/2013Here's some of that 'Doom Action" you say you love
7/12/2013Fag wannabe
7/11/2013Seek help asap.
7/10/2013Kokesh is a literal and figurative tool~xxix
7/10/2013Kokesh is a fuckin puppet slammy bounel is coming down hard -SteamrolledGobias
7/7/2013Good intel!
7/7/2013From one gay avatar to another...
7/6/2013Thanks for being a part of my thread. -Holy_Diver
7/6/2013For you~Silvervega :)
7/4/2013U scare me, u look like your ready too fart and you cover.your face to avoid the stink
7/4/2013We have only been around a minute or less in time....!!!! 4thhhorseman
7/3/2013Get that American flag off your face, fool.
7/3/2013Ttown lover boooohooo
7/2/2013Lover of women.
7/2/2013Just to piss off the haters b/c they will ALWAYS hate...no matter what! Fuck em!!
7/2/2013GT500 , peace....
7/2/2013URGH! Bring back the skull mask!
7/2/2013Terrorist avatar
7/2/2013Dust off the haters... Do read a bible tho! ~ doom candy
7/2/2013You have fascination and utmost respect for killers! Grow up op and read a bible
7/1/2013Just because
7/1/2013Threat killer, rude person ..
7/1/2013Who made you the sherrif of GLP?
7/1/2013Just because
7/1/2013Douche mask face moran
7/1/2013Smegma Licking Douche Sniffer
7/1/2013For your patriotic comments!!!!
6/30/2013The earth is flat, confirmed by carbon dating.
6/30/2013Commentary, and workaholics pic, haha-nighthawks
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