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JustinSider's Karma

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6/30/2013Not nice
6/27/2013Thanks for all the info dude! ~CT
6/27/2013Thanks for the song! - CriticalThinking
6/26/2013Good research - ancha
6/26/2013Excellent thread on the black list -SteamrolledGobias
6/26/2013Trusting astro shill
6/26/2013Good thread -- homelessguy92
6/26/2013Good points (usmcvet216)
6/26/2013Wet Work Thread, scary stuff~RH
6/26/2013Gave you Green - because a great list you created! ~ Haarpy
6/26/2013For the Black List thread - great idea! - So1ld1nt3l
6/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/25/2013Stupid...lots of pics...you are too lazy and ignorant...shill-fuck​
6/24/2013Karma from eekers
6/22/2013For your posts n info. - Indysmindy
6/22/2013Great knowledge is power post- Hard Eight
6/22/2013I like some of your opinions - Nighthawks
6/22/2013Avitar is demonic
6/16/2013Awesome video thanks -SteamrolledGobias
6/15/2013Excellent post on neuro science
6/15/2013True that, GT500
6/14/2013For the impromptu tech support about DTV receivers. I was not the one asking the q but I learned something! ~Okaru87
6/10/2013"Sider"? More like Justin Bieber. Homo.
6/10/2013Your Snowden thoughts are correct - MagTog
6/8/2013Thanks for the encouragement....and your name cracks me up! XD <3 double_frick
6/7/2013Thanks for the video! - gypsy
6/5/2013Here's some green, but I can't say who gave you this. Shhh :)
6/4/2013Offered useful info
6/3/2013To help counter some of the negative. -Random
5/29/2013From a fellow Sociopath, looks like you need some green - Fret Wiz
5/27/2013You're almost in the green. Keep going. -- EK
5/27/2013For you picture and participation on the Memorial Day Thread ~ Hugs, KoFFee_
5/24/2013The backpacks did match you fucking idiot
5/24/2013There's a chive in your pussy
5/20/2013No help at all---UTownTrash
5/17/2013Douche. Welcome back.
5/16/2013Making shit up is bad. Stop it.
5/15/2013Phaggot x2
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