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Arizona's Karma

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12/4/2016Thank you! I'm the OP - The Brave
12/1/2016She/He is correct on Divine intervention.
11/30/2016From alien_
11/30/2016Thank you
11/30/2016Just received confirmation that there will be Divine Intervention re PIZZAGATE
9/22/2016God Bless You! HolySpiritWind
8/26/2016Buddy :) strgzr
8/24/2016Nice to see you on here! bigD
8/24/2016God Bless You - HolySpiritWind
11/25/2013Love Paradigm
11/21/2013Yeah, my sig is a reality check. Glad you liked it
11/20/2013Happy returns
11/18/2013And for you my friend. ExploringTheTruth
11/18/2013So wise. -RML
11/15/2013You deserve it! bigD111
11/11/2013You are most wise-- re
11/8/2013Wise insight in the revelation thread - ANHEDONIC
10/31/2013You are a nice lady! bigD111
10/12/2013For sharing the song "Shannon" =}.
9/30/2013For fun :) ~ Arcturus
9/30/2013LOL, hot chocolate in Texas?? Nahhhhh :D KarinZa
9/29/2013Because you are so nice! bigD111
9/29/2013Thank you ~ Three little lambs
9/28/2013Love under will

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