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8/14/2018Q greenage lance
8/6/2018Hi ya thing,,,,,,,DMJ
8/3/2018So fucking sorry you went through abuse. Nick®
8/3/2018Q Maga!---sloonie
8/2/2018It's so good to 'see' you in here! :) -alwaysme
8/2/2018Green for thee~!
8/2/2018Green for another survivor. ~Maiya
7/23/2018Hi ya Thing,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,D​MJ, hope all is good
7/13/2018Q thread the pastor
6/29/20184th Amendment rights apply only to gov actions. All rights are only related to the gov. ... sterling malory archer
6/27/2018From keybored.
6/6/2018Q green lanc...er the Pastor
6/5/2018Hi Thing 1,,,,,,,,DMJ
5/18/2018I Q, do U! ;) -alwaysme
5/13/2018From keybored.
5/12/2018Welcome back to Q. Starbird
4/28/2018Good Q stuff! you be alright!--sloonie
4/12/2018Because, Q!--sloonie
4/9/2018For being warm and welcoming. - Paranoid Chick
4/4/2018Great contributions! Isis One
4/2/2018Former lurker until Q as well!---sloonie
4/2/2018"not impressed with celebrity" q thread =42
4/2/2018Just because~LilOle
3/30/2018I like the way you think...we are in agreement..PHX57
3/30/2018From 5.0%
3/29/2018Great work! Tas
3/27/2018Just because!Hickory49
3/26/2018Keep on Q'ing! --sloonie
3/26/2018Welcome back --Fly Over Lamd
3/26/2018Green for thee~!
3/26/2018For posting in qAnon thread-Northlights
3/26/2018From keybored :)
3/26/2018Just because. -wtf
3/25/2018Q thread =42
3/25/2018From Ralph--a house dog ...who does NOT want to see you baned
3/24/2018Love your contributions! Sympol Mynz
3/23/2018Thanks, KH
3/23/2018Love the American Creed post! Thanks justanothergranny
3/23/2018Thx-keep it up
3/20/2018Hi back from beeches
3/20/2018Q, Keystone,,,,,,,DMJ
3/19/2018Good one re: Bill Clinton's wife!Hickory49
3/17/2018Green for thee~!
3/16/2018Reported Abusive Post
3/16/2018Keep up the good posts!
3/11/2018Excellent posts!Hickory49
3/10/2018Green. love Miss Cleo
3/10/2018Q post,,,,,,DMJ
3/9/2018Q thread brilliance!---sloonie​
3/9/2018The best of health to you - everLearner
3/7/2018Karma love samanthasunflower
2/26/2018Thanks for being here. -Inquire Within
2/24/2018Q open mind post, yes!---sloonie
2/1/2018Q thread. MAGA! --sloonie
1/6/2018Thank you for your heartfelt prayers - SilverPatriot
12/24/2017Merry Christmas!! ~RG
5/10/2016Great job!
1/22/2016Keep following your instincts
11/21/2015Thanks for posting and have a supergreen weekend :) Sloane
10/23/2015Thanks -- xo Bbonnet
10/19/2015Love - ES
8/27/2014Thx important F7
7/24/2014Poo loves bumps
6/26/2014Great point - parent thread :-) Rising Son
2/13/2014Love your statements , GT500
1/22/2014Raising Arizona <melrox>
11/22/2013Jw2305....linda carter fan :)
11/14/2013As a Kansas native I find topic interesting
10/13/2013<3 -NoRaD <3 For the pin!
5/30/2013Good Thread! Thanks!
5/8/2013I like Cat in the Hat.

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