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1/22/2014Thanks for your support! from Who is Blue Fairy
1/21/2014Blessings ~ MO
1/20/2014Hi M1 :) Love Angelseverywhere
1/20/2014Reported Copyright Violation
1/17/2014Karma roLL ....C.C
1/17/2014From a diver (BS)
1/17/2014Underwater timelapse! thanks, morgan
1/17/2014Thank you! Hugs ~Tangy :)
1/17/2014Time lapse thread- golikeapro
1/17/2014Green for fellow democrat. Not many here on GLP. We must stick together. ~ B
1/17/2014Peace and love -krystle ann
1/17/2014For sharing coral timelapse. Beautiful!
1/17/2014Green love ~ Simple27 : )
1/15/2014I love fried chicken! :D calx
1/14/2014'He's invited to the picnic' nice. Hugs, Sloane
1/13/2014Ap girl
1/13/2014Great eq reporting & shared links! awesome! -ladyannie :)
1/11/2014Seen improvement in you-brightstarz
1/10/2014A shit ton of stupid will be measured unto you, for thou doesn't have the gift of humor.
1/9/2014Always good to see you , GT500
1/8/2014Your good peoples. - Truth
1/8/2014Be good! :D calx
1/8/2014Reported Copyright Violation
1/7/2014Electricity rules! ~ Simple27 : )
1/5/2014God would be proud of you...
1/5/2014God hates WHINERS ALSO.SUCK IT UP.
1/5/2014God would be ashamed of you...step back
1/5/2014To make up for the grammar tards - green_girl!
1/5/2014Making up for red + 5**** :) for a good thread ~ dawa
1/5/2014It's who not whom idiot
1/4/2014Keep an eye open(waterman)
1/3/2014Buddy karma!! 4H..
1/3/2014Thx YODA
1/1/2014Happy New Year, sweetie! krystal
12/31/2013Happy new year! -GLAP
12/30/2013In this New Year wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Much love! ..11:11..
12/30/2013Shaken... Not stirred
12/29/2013Xmas red bitch ass
12/28/2013Happy new year , GT500
12/28/2013Happy New Year!! ~ Simple27 : )
12/28/2013I hope your new year is filled with joy and love-love....cosmicgy​psy
12/28/2013Reported Copyright Violation
12/27/2013Holiday Karma RoLL ....C.C
12/26/2013Harry New Year From Gonviral
12/25/2013Merry Christmas M1!!!! bigD111
12/25/2013Merry Christmas 4H
12/25/2013Reported Copyright Violation
12/24/2013Merry christmas! :D calx
12/23/2013Merry Christmas! krystal
12/22/2013Merry Christmas - whiteangel
12/21/2013Christmas green from Who is Blue Fairy
12/20/2013Green drive by ~ Arc
12/17/2013Happy Holidays & Much Love ~ Simple27 : )
12/17/2013A poet
12/15/2013Dec 16th! -Anubis
12/15/2013'cause u offered to pin for a friend, u get green :) come say hi, savcash
12/15/2013THanks for pin. God bless. Ms.Supdup
12/14/2013"Humans well give you cosmetology, pharmakeia & metallurgy for... " you're on the money as always! - dea liminis
12/13/2013Makin it rain! Lol- golikeapro
12/12/2013Have a great day ! From Tiger1.
12/11/2013Well said! - Reinvigorated Being
12/10/2013CHristmas greenage for your Ison Thread....good stuff....saved
12/10/2013Nice info :)
12/10/2013Great thread...good going! krystal
12/10/2013ISON flys through LOVEJOYS tail ---- Elena.C
12/10/2013Ignore the reds! Green from Steady :)
12/10/2013Hint: Space is made of 3 dimensions, not 2 like your brain dead youtube videos.
12/10/2013Thanks - ap girl ! :)
12/8/2013Reported Copyright Violation
12/8/2013Nah :)
12/8/2013Satanic nut case, get help
12/8/2013Mouse catcher ... Ms Zippy
12/7/2013Stay warm, stay well! bigD
12/6/2013And to you. :) AnonymousGirl
12/6/2013Calx was here. :D
12/5/2013Believe deep down in your heart that you have returned to do great things. Much love! ..11:11..
12/5/2013Lol -golikeapro
12/4/2013Checkin' in brother-man....love-l​ove and kiss-kiss, cosmisgypsy
12/2/2013Stay up , GT500
11/30/2013Thank you! ~Tangy :)
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