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KrinZa's Karma

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9/27/2013Drunk Drive by Drunk Uncle
9/27/2013Happy autumn, m*therf*cker! :) eekers
9/26/2013Hello from nah :)
9/26/2013Green apple time...waitn4end
9/26/2013Mm thank you! :D calx
9/25/2013From green girl!
9/25/2013For a good post....even though the throne belongs to STANNIS
9/25/2013Goat laughs
9/24/2013Tee hee but its hard to resist! lol lol -Acula... see you at the onyx lol :)
9/24/2013Truth Seeker
9/24/2013LOVE the pic! - The Escape Goat/Reinvigorated Being
9/24/2013Was an entertaining post that made me laugh.
9/23/2013Hiya KarinZa - you funny girl :) Have the best week xo Sloane
9/21/2013For the beautiful KarinZa. -Geo
9/20/2013Thumbs up for Tom Baker! Best Dr Who! <3 Doomish
9/19/2013Hey, babe! Rhombus
9/18/2013Back at ya lil mama
9/18/2013I looked at your other threads, and found threasures, TY
9/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/17/2013Thank you. Kwiletfach. 8)
9/17/2013Have a good evening! nah :)
9/16/2013Love Ellusion :)
9/16/2013Thank you ....C.C
9/16/2013You're the coolest :) eekers
9/16/2013Great post Karma from Gonviral
9/16/2013Karma from ANHEDONIC : D
9/16/2013Green time in the bunker...waitn4end
9/16/2013The bulge in my pants grows when I envision our bodies entangled in ecstasy.
9/15/2013Oy! You make me smech cheena! JinxyMcD
9/15/2013Sunday green!....indiandave
9/15/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
9/11/2013Excellent well informed post on Smithfield and Chinese food safety - waterlily
9/10/2013Good God, AYE KarinZa, you are killing me with that Avatar! Drunk Uncle LIKEY!!!
9/10/2013Nah :)
9/9/2013Hey there - sorry no time to chat lately, will rectify soon... promise.
9/8/2013Green for you...waitn4end
9/6/2013Matthew McConaughey! Haha! You make me laugh KarinZa :) Love, Sloane
9/5/2013Master Jedi Kenny Powers
9/5/2013Hey there, i cant respond to PMs right now but i got your message. Mr Oysterhead
9/3/2013Monday morning karma....indiandave
9/2/2013I dig the blue avatar ~ Integrity101
9/1/2013Because you know you are hot
9/1/2013Hola from nah :)
8/31/2013You left a green thing at my place...here it is..waitn4end
8/31/2013Holiday Weekend Karma!! ~naga
8/30/2013I can finally give you karma! :) -Geofenrey
8/30/2013Green before DOOM!!!! have a lovely weekend!--eekers
8/28/2013Good kharma for KarinZa. Hope all is good in your world. -w_nb
8/28/2013From kitkat
8/27/2013Time for some good vibes....morgan
8/26/2013I know right! lol Boardwalk empire... here i come! lol -Acula
8/24/2013Have a blessed weekend - Indysmindy
8/23/2013Always! Brief :)
8/23/2013Karma drop! :D calx
8/22/2013Green for thought...waitn4end
8/22/2013Hey missy! Been missing your humor, haha. Hope to see you same thread soon :) Sloane
8/20/2013Sending good karma your way! Love Ellusion :)
8/19/2013Green from indiandavem
8/18/2013I never left... just this forum has changed... - Guam, USA
8/18/2013Mosquito bites! nah :)
8/17/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/17/2013For being an awesome, gorgeous woman!! Best wishes to you! PB
8/16/2013Simple27 : )
8/15/2013Good morning sunshine!!--eekers
8/14/2013Thanks for visiting my Gong show! JinxyMcD
8/13/2013What rymes with hug me?
8/12/2013Green from kitkat
8/11/2013C.C Thank You KArinZa ....always
8/11/2013Here's to us chicks on Glp! lol :) ~ H0NEYBEE ~
8/11/2013Okay well settle in soon then! :D calx
8/11/2013Cuz I'm pretty sure you'd show me a good time. LoL -w_nb
8/9/2013Waitn4end was here
8/9/2013Aye KarinZa! Hello there... Drunk Uncle
8/6/2013Helloooo KZ
8/5/2013Brief :)
8/5/2013And a Bababooey to you all!....indiandave
8/2/2013Hope you are all settled in! :D calx
8/2/2013Got one to give now!. Oyster
8/1/2013Hugs! - Comedian
8/1/2013Miss you too been having issues with my sons health still here just observing
8/1/2013Funny lady .... coco
8/1/2013So touchy some times... jeez! - 'Merica
7/31/2013Good kharma for KarinZa. I liked your post about thinking about a man you wanted. LoL. -w_nb
7/30/2013Ellusion was here! :)
7/30/2013Stopped by with my green - Indysmindy
7/29/2013Daily doom...waitn4end
7/26/2013Buddy karma - d1scr3t31
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