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KrinZa's Karma

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5/19/2013Big boobie karma day! :) - Louve
5/18/2013My GoT buddy! -Acula
5/18/2013Zero class, potty mouth
5/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/17/2013Great Job ....C.C
5/15/2013Time for a little more green waitn4end
5/15/2013Great avatar and thanks ~theTruthMonger
5/15/2013Sorry for your new tomato plant! Lol ~ QuantumKev
5/15/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
5/15/2013Solar green - whiteangel
5/13/2013Thanks for the karma. If you were a member there, I'd sign up.=-) -Dace
5/13/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/13/2013Fiji, lol :D
5/12/2013Great poster :) Sloane
5/12/2013Texan Buckeye
5/11/2013Karma love! Rhombus
5/10/2013Korats :)
5/10/2013Brief :)
5/9/2013Stay safe and be good! :) calx
5/9/2013Sept Man
5/8/2013Putin lover! -nah
5/8/2013Went through the same experience, but while in college. *hugs* - ANHEDONIC
5/8/2013Back at ya ; ) ~~ Angelic_Warrior
5/8/2013Sdr radio ! -Anubis
5/7/2013Aye KarinZa!!! Drunk Uncle Likey!
5/6/2013Ty from kitkat123
5/6/2013Have a blessed week-Indysmindy
5/6/2013Fellow Texan <3 (from Doom Candy)
5/5/2013Banana sex totally uncalled for on this thread. Childish.
5/3/2013Thanks for the green..waitn4end
5/3/2013You very welcome! I am happy it was help to you :) Much love, Lucy
5/3/2013Good - DVCMCM
5/2/2013It's all true! Texan Buckeye
5/1/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/30/2013The Cat in the Hat was here
4/29/2013Long live NEPA and the dippy egg. :) calx
4/28/2013Thanks :). Have a great week! ~PENG
4/28/2013You babble. Stfu already
4/27/2013Omh :)
4/27/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/27/2013Ty from kitkat123 have a great weekend stay safe
4/26/2013For making me laugh again! - Indysmindy
4/25/2013Just 'cause ;) Canuck_Hillbilly
4/23/2013Dr. Acula was here!
4/22/2013Just hush! Please!
4/19/2013From Kitkat123
4/19/2013Just because ~ Angelic_Warrior
4/13/2013Not another night of the shit abyss Mr. Lahey! :D calx
4/13/2013German Shepherds! <3 - ANHEDONIC
4/13/2013Commanderbukkake :)
4/12/2013And you are a gem. Been meaning to drop you some good green. Have a wonderful weekend. Sloane
4/11/2013From texaslove was kitkat but I got a stalker
4/11/2013Thanks for helping to keep my pipeline thread alive
4/11/2013Love the posts ar15-nut
4/11/2013C. c
4/10/2013Love the attitude!!
4/10/2013Lol. Thank you. :-) - Debauchery
4/10/2013U are fun aren't you? - renegade
4/10/2013Rhombus was here!
4/10/2013For the Nork shortwave shout-out! - Comedian
4/10/2013Back atcha! - Jovian
4/10/2013Your avatar is the greatest! - salty1
4/9/2013Thx for support - Indysmindy
4/9/2013The Police - Regatta de Blanc (FOR YOU!) :) -Anubis
4/9/2013Thanks a lot for the green one! It really is yes :( Ger_reG
4/8/2013BuggedOut waz ere
4/8/2013Stop being a whiny bitch
4/8/2013Bs post-next time look at the dates
4/7/2013You make me :) and lol-ing is good. ~ TastyThoughts
4/3/2013Thanks from kitkat
4/3/2013Ah, there you are!
4/2/2013Hello, thanks for coming to my thread....TDJ
4/1/2013Brief :)
3/31/2013Just because...Fly n Fox
3/30/2013Great post, GT500
3/25/2013From kitkat123 hope your kids get better soon prayers for you
3/24/2013Love ya! -SteveWutabi
3/22/2013Any time! I'm sure it has something to do with this whole Cyprus thing, but not sure exactly what. ~ Gigolo Jesus
3/18/2013"Herro, welcome to Shitty Wok!" -ANHEDONIC
3/15/2013Welcome to my buddy list! Texan Buckeye
3/15/2013Dishing the data is honoarble. Thanks. ~TastyThouhgts
3/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/13/2013Peace be with your spirit! -The Sonic Dreamer
3/10/2013Sweet T-shirt - ANHEDONIC
3/9/2013I didn't even notice the U wasn't there! ahahaha - have a great weekend :) Sloane
3/8/2013Thanks for stopping by thread. east of lbk here. iam legion
3/8/2013Your av rocks! J&v
3/6/2013God Bless Texas...cowgirlk
3/2/2013Giving it to the grammer tard! - ssss :)
2/28/2013Frankie! - Chrit
2/19/2013Smurf berry crunch!! :-) - Debauchery
2/18/2013Love and appreciation :o) 141
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