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OptimusPrime's Karma

Total: 5 (5  User Votes) and 10

1/9/2014Hurpity fuckin' durp
12/30/2013Back at you
9/3/2013Knows when we're being bs'd
5/8/2013Qur'an 49:12 "Spy not behind the backs of others. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?"
5/8/2013Don't be so negative.
5/8/2013For being human.
5/8/2013Oblivious Slime
5/8/2013Muzzy lover
5/8/2013Muzzie lover!
4/30/2013You needed good karma!lol icyman61
3/22/2013For once we agree, but you're still a dick. <-- great comment and I couldn't resonate more with it.
2/14/2013Nice. ;)
2/7/2013Low IQ, must be a Democrat and a muzzy lover

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