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Exorcise This's Karma

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1/2/2016Happy New Year (Wolf 1776)
12/26/2015Re: Help Needed. Items lost (including pet boa constrictor). (Wolf 1776)
12/12/2015I give hot chicks green for being smart - WeaponX2
11/8/2015Sunday Green._OCD
11/2/2015She told someone to commit suicide
10/29/2015Love, eekthecat. screw pink!!!! LOL
10/24/20151 Green nice Ava LoCDoG_Ger
10/20/2015Nazi and a Madonna follower, strange combination
10/19/2015Good on you for being rational. -SewDucky
10/19/2015Payday blues...pilgrim
10/18/2015Sjw = Evil
10/17/2015Go ahead. Make my day. - Sobriquet
10/17/2015Have a great weekend! eekthecat
9/24/2015Hi, hope all is good. -repatriated_one
9/11/2015Here's another green for your 'What if the Criminal Elite..' thread, I it's a pity it didn't take off._OCD
7/5/2015Thanks for the uplifting words! beeches
7/3/2015For insulting your allies in the fight against tptb - a soccer mom
6/27/2015Anti-lib is green...white Bear
6/26/2015Thank you and green back at you...davvi
6/25/2015Nice avatar Uncle f#@k stick
6/12/2015Thank you. =) Debauchery
6/6/2015It is beautiful!! LOL eekers farrrrrrrt
6/6/2015Applause for you too - The Uncle
6/6/2015Holohoax thread....petitroche
6/5/2015LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
5/31/2015Having a cat tear your face off and eat you. Cost: extreme pain. Swaggering into Valhalla. Cost: Priceless. aHEMagain
5/25/2015Much appreciated....grumpi​er
5/9/2015Much love :) ~TML
5/1/2015TY! Love' Jake (Morr)
4/26/2015Great logic in the Baltimore thread ~LunaRabbit
4/26/2015Green for you great posts...davvi
4/23/2015Cheers from Lennox Island. Hope all is good for you. -repatriated_one
4/9/2015From Florida 2015
4/6/2015I think we're on the same side. Petitroche
4/3/2015Green for you! - tripleh
3/24/2015Bla bla maybe if you follow the show you should have just watched the episode
3/19/2015LOL Thanks for the green. I didn't realized you'd given me your name 'ExorciseThis', I thought you were suggesting I exorcise something. I couldn't fathom what. :) _OCD
2/26/2015That is Lilian Russel. She was stage and film. Thanks for remembering her! --I'mpossible
2/25/2015OMG the sweaters! WOW! T. Noticer
2/20/2015Best wishes from the Great White North! -repatriated_one
2/17/2015Appreciate it....Panhead
2/15/2015Brief :)
2/3/2015Thank you - Chrit
2/3/2015Kitty & Doggie Green from Lady Jane Smith
1/27/2015Hello there! -Hitokiri
1/18/2015Thank you and green coming your way..davvi
12/28/2014EleKtroN was here :)
11/6/2014Thanks for reporting that asshole-sorry asy
10/31/2014YW :) ---Rantprone
10/31/2014LOL I still want my pony!! eekers :)
10/28/2014Word salad made my day. :-) ~ssle
10/28/2014Hope all's been good for you. -w_nb/repatriated_one​
10/28/2014Etiquette nazi ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS info more important than etiquette
10/27/2014English comp101
10/23/2014Wow awesome words "someone with no impulse control and lack of future time orientation."
10/22/2014'Ew-kay!'. Thanks for your contirbuiton to the libtard thread. Superduper
10/19/2014Hope all's been good for you. -w_nb/repatriated_one​âÄč
10/19/2014White trash idiot
10/18/2014I wil always stick up for animals. They have no power and it is wrong to be cruel by omission or commision to them. I have seen to much of it and it makes me heart sick. s.d.
8/26/2014EleKtroN was here :)
8/11/2014Green greetings from Hitokiri
3/30/2014Rammstein Fan
7/26/2013Simple mind. Learn to read, comprehend and hate those who deserve it.
7/26/2013Have some green. Widespread
7/25/2013Dr. Acula was here!
7/24/2013Good looking Avatar.... 4thhorseman
7/14/2013Come wit' da FUA...ADSR
7/14/2013You're too funny! ...nutmeg..
7/14/2013Great posts! DILKe
7/14/2013Word Salad! fave phrase ever, you must have a psych background! ~Fret Wiz
7/10/2013Thank you. I always enjoy your posts. -Hitokiri
7/10/2013Love your posts--they make me nod and laugh at the same time
7/9/2013From eekers--thanks for the love!
7/7/2013Pleasant comment!
7/6/2013Thank you for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
7/3/2013Hi Sweetie, Hope all is good! -w_nb
6/23/2013Random karma drive-by. - HI.Lander
6/22/2013Negro fatigue (classic)....Panhead
6/18/2013Thanks for trying my skincare regimen! -Lawlis
6/15/2013Good kharma for Exorcise This! ;-`) -w_nb
6/13/2013Why thank you! -nighthawks
6/13/2013Your a doll, glad your not getting upset. and having a bit of fun. Alll the Best Sivaro
6/12/2013Wassup, friend - Sir Phy
6/11/2013Love your posts :) - Eireann~
6/10/2013Cute and smart, double threat girl - Comedian
6/10/2013T town never down haha. -luke0311
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