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9/8/2013Green from Tard :)
9/7/2013Love GFG
9/7/2013Happy Saturday! geminilion
9/6/2013Brief :)
9/5/2013I'm sure your account will get sorted :) FooledMeOnce
9/5/2013Some green - Doombringer
9/5/2013To offset the red. BunBun
9/5/2013To counter the red.
9/5/2013To make up for the asshole red.-TheEndIsNigh2013​
9/1/2013Love from Nuckingfutz x
8/31/2013Thanks for the green! Watching the world
8/29/2013Good question, great answer! elemental x
8/26/2013Green Smile back from Lady Jane Smith
8/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
8/22/2013I want to pop your next scrotum boil.
8/21/2013Green for you! Carol B.
8/19/2013Ison is the first of the two witnesses. Nice theory. Amy A
8/19/2013Back atchya-Fire Watch~
8/18/2013Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
8/17/2013Thanks for cheering me with green! abeliever
8/17/2013Thank you. Texan Buckeye
8/13/2013Back at you chief ~ Question EVERYTHING
8/12/2013Good person, realistic mind... -Fukunova
8/8/2013Good points in your posts. -j994k
8/8/2013Geminilion :)
7/31/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/30/2013For pissing off a religitard :)
7/28/2013The Cosmic Truth :) Brilliant post in Swirling Purple's thread!
7/28/2013Welcome! GT500
7/26/2013Dio! ~Sil\/er
7/24/2013Thanks Holy Diver :) Have a great day! Love Spirit666
7/7/2013Decent manners. -SolarSon
7/6/2013Thanks for the great threads!
7/6/2013Because you observe the golden teaching - What you have done to the least of mine, you have done to me! Thanks for you post Ozicell!
7/6/2013Good articulation on your Mormon thread. -w_nb
7/6/2013You're welcome :-) K2tC
7/2/2013Well hello glad you enjoy the sabbath love dio as well AnotherOne
6/13/2013William Wallace says FREEDOM!!!! :D -KarinZa
6/11/2013GOOD POST KARMA FROM Gonviral
6/3/2013For the "Somewhere In Time" clip. Love that movie.
6/2/2013And a green for getting it first!
6/2/2013Great comment
6/2/2013Its not me!
5/29/2013A little green, for you! ~naga
5/18/2013Reincarnation thread . tm
5/15/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/14/2013No problem - just dig in, and take control of your family. You have the power to make you and your wife happy again, and you will see that the kids will contribute as well :-)
5/9/2013Good posts at The Secret of Secrets-thread , tnx xxx krispy71
5/7/2013Thanks for your posts on my thread! WeAreOne.
5/5/2013The Hapless Moran approves your post.
5/2/2013Thank you from, JUST HERE
4/27/2013Love your avatar and here is the green back...thanks ....krystal
4/27/2013Thank you. :) AG
4/27/2013Thanks... Returned. - ANHEDONIC
4/27/2013You were on the thread too so you deserve some too ;-). FOTN
4/26/2013Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
4/26/2013I Love Ronnie James Dio!
4/24/2013Thanks for the Greeny :Tanarus
4/23/2013Screw stalkers! ~ Gigolo Jesus
4/23/2013Some green for ya! geminilion
4/22/2013Stalkers thread
4/20/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
4/13/2013Love Naked Gun ! RIP Leslie :( Thanks ! NuckingFutz !
4/10/2013<3 from numewenon
4/9/2013DIO was a good group. Amy A
4/9/2013I think you're right. Kim Jong Un is our guy, and our government is behind this, just like every other evil in the world.
4/9/2013I like the whole anti pot rocker thing, you sound just like Alice! Zenobiaphobia
4/9/2013Some karma for ya ;) ~P
4/7/2013Kamikaze Karma ; ) ~ Angelic_Warrior
4/7/2013Thanks! Z. :)
4/6/2013Here some green
4/5/2013Just because, DIO. Kinect
4/5/2013Hello to you from satans BFF
4/5/2013For your post to the "library girl" asshole. Nice to see some guys still consider other people and their feelings. -Kick
4/4/2013For a Dio fan
4/4/2013Have some green. I got a weird red today, too. Texan Buckeye
4/4/2013GREEN FOR D.I.O R.I.P....^WatchMan^
4/4/2013Karma for you from, JUST HERE :)
4/4/2013Hang in there. pool
4/2/2013For nothing
3/28/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/25/2013It is down the middle!
3/23/2013AtsuiPanda (:
3/23/2013God Bless
3/23/2013Random drive by karma shooting
3/23/2013U remember before u were born huh? Sure buddy, get a grip!
3/21/2013Thanks from John1054
3/19/2013Capping your karma. start your own business with that model.
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