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7/30/2014Just because someone is on prescription drugs does not mean they do not have worth.
2/27/2014"the nature of the beast" um... i think you mean JEWS not Mexicans...tard. Look at all that red. Heres some more.
2/25/2014For noticing chemtrails aint right
2/15/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/9/2014Jävla dum
2/7/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/5/2014I took vicodin with my vodka and feel like being nice.
10/12/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/12/2013Someone should put you in place , bend over
10/11/2013Fag. Good thing most Swedes are smarter than you.
10/10/2013What a complete imbocile you are. fuck off you prick.
10/8/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2013Nope. You are a fag.
9/26/2013Thanks! ~ Three Little Lambs
9/26/2013Obvious troll
9/2/2013Common sense :)
8/25/2013Bore this, asshole!
8/24/2013That Guy d
7/29/2013Typical americans. Homos all of them. Sickening
7/9/2013For making assumptions about ALL Americans.
7/8/2013Full retard
7/8/2013He is a satanist :o
6/22/2013Supremist ideology
6/18/2013We taste like pork dummy
6/14/2013I could outwork you anyday dumbass.
6/11/2013Lol retard
6/8/2013Bahahahahaha merica pic
6/6/2013How do you say "fuck off" in Swedish?
6/5/2013Get real
6/5/2013And you are the typical swede jerk...what's your point?
6/5/2013Do not hate. And Swedes out of Norway NOW!!!
6/5/2013Alpine thread ~BossBitch
6/4/2013May the lord lucifer protect YOU ..your going to need it
6/2/2013Right on !! Ketchup is a waist of air
6/2/2013I hate ketchup
6/1/2013Fuck right off and have a nice day scumbag!
6/1/2013You're a horrible person and God hates you.
5/24/2013Made me laugh. wcfChick
5/24/2013No sense of humor. Noteven the tiniest little bit. The shill corp is probably about to fire this one for lack of skill.
5/24/2013You are no Shill spotter ... you are just an OBNOXIOUS LITTLE CUNT
5/24/2013Arrogant little shit, aren't you?
5/21/2013Crying wolf on racism. Probably a communist or muslim.
4/22/2013Secular Swedish Shitbag
4/22/2013Ser att du ligger på röd... Meletos
4/22/20131) asshat
4/22/2013Because I know you wish you were an American...
4/19/2013Whiny shitbag eurotrash fuckwit.
4/18/2013Fucking asshole
4/17/2013What has Sweden or its people ever given the world..? FUCK ALL.
4/12/2013Shut the fuck up. you don't live in the US so you are in no position to tell anyone to send someone back to Africa, white devil
4/11/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/7/2013Religitard with no clue....
4/6/2013Your a Fucking Loser!! Loser!!
4/6/2013You suck asshole
4/5/2013The stupids are strong in this one.
4/3/2013Brain washed.
4/2/2013I am an American, my IQ is twice yours.
3/31/2013That's just insane
3/31/2013Antisemitic Wingnut
2/24/2013Fuck you from 6 million Jews
2/23/2013Swedish Muzzie, Who knew. Fucktard
2/23/2013Collect more red you useless communist government dependent leech
2/20/2013Idiotic psuedo-biblical ranting
2/20/2013Lay trust on your fictional ass. You r choice and it is a poor one. Pity you.
2/19/2013Suck my big AMERICAN dick, you ayran fag.

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