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Manny Castro's Karma

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9/24/2016Manny :) Emerge
11/11/2015Hoping you are well !...Soup
11/11/2015I hope it's going well Manny - best green and love, Sloane
7/16/2015Just wonderful to hear your news. Best green forever, Sloane
7/16/2015Carry on ! have Fun...Soup
6/7/2015YAY Manny! Things are going Supergreen for you! Love, Sloane
6/7/2015Green fun & future accomplishments for you!...soup
2/18/2015Manny please stay in touch and let me know if you need anything! Love and Hugs, Sloane
2/11/2015Wishing you well... Soup
2/10/2015I have a good feeling angels will be watching over you. Love, Sloane
1/2/2015Best wishes for a great 2015. -repatriated_one
12/20/2014Hi there soup...nice
8/5/2014Hiya manny ..soup
7/5/2014Hi there... Soup
6/20/2014Hi there...soup
6/4/2014Hi there back again...soup
5/11/2014Thanks my dear!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/6/2014Hahhaaa Guess you are the evil twin...Cool... Soup
4/1/2014Thank you dear!!! xoxo, Strangela
3/21/2014Hi greens for Manny ....soup
3/20/2014Manny, here's to Music :)_``` Boots
3/19/2014Green love for you darlin!!! xoxo, Strangela
3/7/2014Friday Boot Manny :)_``````
3/3/2014Festive green ...Soup
3/3/2014Thank you sweetheart!!! xoxoxo, Strangela
2/25/2014For Burning In Hell ;P - Endave
2/23/2014Happy green for MC....Soup
2/19/2014Best wishes Manny Castro. -w_nb
2/16/2014Karma love for you! Thanks Manny! You ROCK! xoxo, Strangela
2/14/2014Greens for manny...soup
2/6/2014Hope you enjoyed soup
1/29/2014Bootes for Manny :)
1/28/2014Greens from the frozen south....soup
1/27/2014Thank you babe!!! xoxo, Strangela
1/20/2014Grreeeen :)_ '''''' Motley
1/18/2014You have much potential, prepare for it and live it, President Castro, -w_nb
1/18/2014The world is your oyster :) Go for it! Love, Sloane
1/15/2014For Secret Sect :) Endave
1/14/2014Karma rocks ! ....soup
1/10/2014Thanks Manny :)_```` Awesome Originals
1/4/2014Happy 2014... Soup
12/31/2013Right back at you my metalhead brother! - Endave
12/30/2013Thanks for posting in my thread :) - Too Dark Park
12/25/2013Merry Christmas Manny! Love, Sloane
12/19/2013Cheers :) - Too Dark Park
12/16/2013Cool metal tracks, man ~ Endave
12/12/2013Green always for manny....Soup !
12/8/2013On the road, can't play music, thinking of you music angel. Love and Hugs, Sloane
12/7/2013Manny :)_````` Boots
12/2/2013Green for my friend manny s...soup\
11/26/2013Green Karma for Castro
11/26/2013Awesome! :)
11/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/26/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/26/2013Green Manny
11/25/2013Green Backs Bill
11/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
11/22/2013Manny green... soup
11/22/2013Thx again manny :)
11/22/2013The devil's work
11/22/2013Music doom
11/22/2013Fire in the hole :) ~Acid
11/21/2013Green karma. ~S.B.
11/13/2013Green stuff for manny... Soup
11/11/2013Love angels music baby :) Sloane
11/9/2013Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks again, Strangela
11/8/2013Cool bro. Spanish blood
11/8/2013Nice i like the harmonica
11/3/2013Manny - hugs and love, Sloane
10/31/2013For the Music !!!! soup
10/26/2013Greenage!! Boots
10/24/2013Nice doomy music
10/22/2013Many manny greens Soup Nazi
10/20/2013Hey you beautiful soul you. All best thoughts, Sloane xo
10/20/2013Music Karma! - Shingen
10/20/2013Reported Abusive Post
10/20/2013Green for the badassery
10/20/2013Green for my friend Manny. ~Ruiz
10/20/2013Green for Chron G music
10/15/2013Nice thx. Ninja S
10/14/2013Green soup for Manny
10/12/2013Peace and have a nice weekend. -Acid
10/12/2013Death's box :)
10/12/2013Weekend karma love Manny! Sloane
10/11/2013Thanks Manny!!! Much love to you, Strangela
10/7/2013Stoner doom. Ninja S.
10/5/2013Have a nice weekend Manny! D.S.
10/5/2013Green for you my friend :)
10/4/2013Green from Boots :)_``````
10/2/2013Thanks Bro!
10/1/2013For the music my friend Soup
9/30/2013Good questions on superhero ~ Odd John
9/28/2013Nice diggin the tunes
9/28/2013Green for you! :)
9/28/2013You are something special Manny - from the first time you posted I could feel it. xoxo Sloane
9/24/2013True :)
9/23/2013Green for manny's music Soup
9/22/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/20/2013Good karma for you
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