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Ford Prefect's Karma

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11/19/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/19/2013Ok, so you don't care? So, here is another ass!!!
11/19/2013You got no one.
11/19/2013Derailing of a thread
11/18/2013Continues to lie when told the truth
11/17/2013I will be so glad when you are finally PermaBanned! You're totally obnoxious and no one can stand you!
11/17/2013How you dare asshat
11/16/2013You're a lunatic. I hope rhianna sues you for libel
11/16/2013Such a lame person (From the "Rihanna a pedo" thread) The only defence this person has is "You shill much" *sighs
11/13/2013Fag. ~UAP
11/13/2013"Lord Shiva will flood Earth again before allowing Indians take a dump in the water that's left in Mars." LOL RayGun
11/12/2013Have some green for Tardcom 3 Alert! LOL katballoo
11/12/2013Another fail for the Prefect loser
11/12/2013Helpless moran, couldnt be cured just burry him
11/10/2013For knocking a bible thumper down a peg. - Southern Norseman
11/8/2013Take your meds
11/8/2013Reptilian shape shift? LOL get help
11/7/2013For always thinking! God Bless! <3 BDE
11/6/2013Webby knows u arent a shill,
11/6/2013Gross and opnioniated
11/4/2013Love your vids
11/4/2013Disinfo brazilian fucktard. stick a corncob up your ass
11/3/2013Ancient Aliens is bullshit, just like your posts.
11/2/2013Shut your ass
11/2/2013All hail the King Of The Fuckwits!
11/1/2013Still here?
10/30/2013I got ur back with more green bro! :D tho you're unfortunally wrong about ascension check alex collier. but ur karma is a disgrace! :D don't worry... and astro is transparent for me too. :D
10/30/2013From "astrodouche." Hypocrite. Oh, and I DO know what the hell I'm talking about.
10/30/2013Here's some green for you bro. People are just harsh. WMATR
10/30/2013Astro is full of shit. His video and images are BS.
10/30/2013Please stop
10/30/2013Stick to it.
10/29/2013GLP would be better off without you
10/29/2013Good to question the lies
10/28/2013Oh, just please STFU!
10/28/2013Being an ass
10/28/2013Brazillian % Moran
10/28/2013From green_girl ~ for not being a thor_tard.
10/27/2013What a spastic retard, everything is a conspiracy
10/25/2013Just because.
10/24/2013Keep your retarded thoughts and theories in Brazil.
10/23/2013Berk er Derr!
10/23/2013You're an asshat.
10/22/2013More red for you
10/22/2013Ughhh. Aren't you tired of your red? Well if you'll get tired try not to be such an asshole and idiot.
10/22/2013Take the stick out of your ass -- bad grandpa
10/22/2013You'r ea fucking moron
10/22/2013Full of fail
10/21/2013No brian!!!
10/21/2013What an idiot.
10/21/2013Ford your hard to figure out. One min you act open minded others not so much. Peace
10/21/2013GYPSY-TARD- Take your meds
10/21/2013Another dumb fucking thread from our local asshat.
10/21/2013Have a good day! nah :)
10/20/2013Used a good link
10/19/2013You are so dumb, its fucking painful to read!
10/19/2013Even though you leave me red - just showing you that I have some fucking class and am not a shill! ~Stoned Goddess
10/19/2013Cant you learn to say thanks when thanks is due??
10/19/2013Your head's so far up your ass that you shit your thoughts.
10/19/2013Not every woman turns into a fat bitch when she has a baby.
10/19/2013Stupid ass thread.give us somthing that is worth reading asshat
10/19/2013You don't seem to possess any logic or common sense
10/19/2013Good thread
10/19/2013You're fucking retarded.
10/19/2013Go bang the queen
10/19/2013Are you still assfucking your boyfriend???
10/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/18/2013Because you don't understand how pregnancy works; you only think you do.
10/18/2013You again...
10/18/2013Shit disturber
10/18/2013Complete Idiot. Should not even bother posting here.
10/17/2013Just when I think you are gone, you post another stupid thread!
10/16/2013Thanks for the vid -undestroyer
10/16/2013Class comment
10/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/15/2013Gotta call a shill out when i see one.
10/15/2013Did your mother drop you on your head when you were an infant?
10/14/2013Thor's rules
10/11/2013Fucking ISON idiots
10/11/2013Aloha- seer
10/11/2013For calling the doomtards out on their stupidity
10/11/2013I imagine it was about...1 thread that said so? good job bro
10/11/2013Why do you continue to spread negative energy. What is your purpose?
10/11/2013You again
10/11/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
10/11/2013Exposing the MarsTards - El Duderino
10/10/2013Sookie girl
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