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Ford Prefect's Karma

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8/21/2013HPPY Karma day-cactusgal
8/21/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/21/2013Really making yourself look like a fool. Well done!
8/21/2013Ison - excellent job!!! and WTF is that? Requiem with Reason
8/21/2013You are a fucking idiot. astro owned you.
8/21/2013Great Work Ford! a LEE n
8/21/2013Handling asstroll like a real seeker of truth! I'm glad you are knowledgable enough to expose that guy for the misleading he does here
8/20/2013Stay in Brazil, Shitbird.
8/20/2013Stuffit Commie
8/19/2013Quality post without your usual madness.
8/18/2013Good find
8/18/2013Interesting on the Enuma Elish... Thanks for sharing!
8/18/2013Excellent discussion on the Enuma Elish. Thank you =}.
8/18/2013Idiot nibirutard who can't read properly. -.-
8/18/2013For your Nibiru thread...geminilion
8/18/2013Nice thread on Nibs....Lekker:)
8/18/2013That was good
8/18/2013Interesting, thanks
8/18/2013For ypur worm
8/18/2013Good post on ENUMA ELISH.
8/18/2013Nibiru thread. calx
8/18/2013Cool thread. Nice work :-) trailingedge
8/18/2013Great post on the Enuma Elish. I don't know why people are always giving you bad karma. I like your posts even if I don't always agree. - Eireann~
8/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/16/2013Biru tards, lol - so true
8/13/2013Blow it out ur asslicker
8/12/2013You are asleep my friend. Wake UP. Things are changing due to the disturbance in our solar system.
8/12/20134 rational thinking - TunnelVision
8/11/2013I think you'r getting a bum ap with all th red karma
8/10/2013Green gloved proctological carbon credit from uncle fuck stick
8/10/2013Good god you are amazing. keep up the good work
8/10/2013Anunnaki hater
8/9/2013Stupidity from brazil
8/9/2013Butt boy
8/9/2013For speaking the truth. Dont let them getya, cheers, Rawfox
8/9/2013You still stink.
8/7/2013Take your fucking meds.
8/7/2013Why be such a jerk?
8/5/2013What a joke you are
8/5/2013Interesting feedback comrade
8/3/2013Your Funny! Some of your posts make sense though! Enjoy some GREEN! Nicolemare
8/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/3/2013For all your hard work ~Lavender~
8/3/2013Because you're a douche who calls everyone a shill if they apply critical thinking
8/1/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/1/2013Sorry the Zimmertard pack has gotten you. Forgive them. They are unable to think alone. Mob mentality is all they know.
8/1/2013Epitome of stupid
8/1/2013So you can't pin racist threads
8/1/2013Fuck off justice was served
8/1/2013Just asking ... are you an asshole in real life or just the net?
8/1/2013You are a racist fuck face. Leave Zimmerman alone, he did nothing wrong.
8/1/2013Just leave the forum quietly
8/1/2013Stuffit commie
8/1/2013Did you pass the first grade?
8/1/2013Quit inciting hate
8/1/2013You really are an idiot
8/1/2013Racist fag!
8/1/2013Bad karma from your buddy Trayvon
8/1/2013For being a race baiter.
8/1/2013Race baiter
8/1/2013Probably not...asshat
8/1/2013For being such a fucking douchebag - Reinvigorated Being
8/1/2013Zimmerman is a wonderful man!
8/1/2013More red for an opinionated jerk, leave zimmerman alone!
8/1/2013Ghost of trayvon wants some lean
8/1/2013Blind to the legal system! Idiotic hypocrisy!
8/1/2013U son of a whore
8/1/2013Racist fuck.
8/1/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/1/2013Gun is legal. Speeding no big deal. Go suck liberal
8/1/2013You are awesome. the red givers are just jealous because they wish they could freely post without worrying about 'oh my precious karma'
7/31/2013The word of truth....my thoughts on those agents exactly
7/31/2013My dog is smarter than you!
7/30/2013Quite possibly the dumbest regular poster on this website. and im not a shill, the illuminati are very real, but celebrities matter not one whit, they are chaff for the cattle to gorge on
7/30/2013Piss off cunt
7/29/2013You're an idiot
7/29/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/29/2013Get your eyes fixed.
7/28/2013Good old conspiracy madness :D keep it up
7/28/2013His attitude stinks, he does more harm than good.
7/27/2013To much red for a watchmen...uncle fuck stick
7/26/2013Fucks with shills
7/25/2013Thought provoking thread!
7/25/2013LoL Your so fucking stupid! @Kate Middleton fake bump thread
7/25/2013Edited video, are you dumb?
7/24/2013More bad karma for your STUPID thread about Kate's baby. Can't you just admit that MAYBE YOU'RE WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE? GIVE IT UP LOSER!!!!
7/24/2013Nutjob and shill!
7/24/2013Trayvontard extraordinaire
7/24/2013Shut the fuck up twat waffle. Nobody cares about your faggot-ass opinion.
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