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7/24/2013For being stupid
7/24/2013I can't believe that you're actually a spawn of two human beings. You sir, have gone full retard, so full retard that you're not even aware that you're... a full fucking retard.X2
7/24/2013I can't believe that you're actually a spawn of two human beings. You sir, have gone full retard, so full retard that you're not even aware that you're... a full fucking retard.
7/24/2013You are a moron that doesn't understand how women's bodies work. Are you twelve or what??
7/24/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/24/2013Possibly the most retarded person on GLP. Fake pregnancy? Really? You are a fucking muppet
7/24/2013Dont know if troll or just very very stupid
7/24/2013Biggest fucking dumbass ever. The womb takes over a week to return to almost normal size.
7/24/2013Agree with your thread. Pregnancy was a total hoax. The sheep will realise it soon enough. Keep up with the truth !
7/23/2013Red for the retard.
7/23/2013"Americans worshiping killers" such a stupid statement.
7/23/2013Thanks for the baby thread. I agree! Ms. Superduper
7/23/2013Its true, that was a fake bump. and they call us retards
7/23/2013Too many shills
7/23/2013Great thread about this inbred family and fake baby. Time for people to wake the hell up.
7/23/2013Idiot shithead
7/23/2013Fuck, your such a douche bag...
7/23/2013Please don't reproduce, retard.
7/23/2013Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard Baby hoax tard
7/23/2013Brazillian smartass, go join the protest against the pope
7/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/23/2013That's a super FAIL. LoL.
7/23/2013Total jerk.
7/23/2013HOLDFAST says so
7/23/2013Seriously some of the stuff you post has been good in the past but you seem to be totally loosing it, I dunno if you just do it for the reaction but if not seek help
7/23/2013Epic Idiot
7/23/2013Perhaps you are not an idiot, but, you play one well on GLP!
7/23/2013Idiot says it all
7/23/2013Certified retard
7/23/2013Brazilians are really dumb i see. She was pregnant asshole
7/23/2013Dumber than a sack of rocks and about as worthless as owl shit for not contributing anything of substance.
7/23/2013Idiot. Probably a 15-year-old who has never seen a real woman and will never knock one up.
7/23/2013You're a dumb ass
7/23/2013You proved yourself a liar by claiming to have worked in a hospital and never saw a new mother leave plump. It's normal.
7/23/2013Enjoys fondling small goats
7/23/2013Epic Fucking Idiot
7/23/2013K for being one of the 'special' people
7/23/2013Your a loon
7/23/2013For the "LMAO I can't believe Americans" thread...laugh your ass off over red karma then
7/23/2013Love your thread
7/22/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/22/2013Fluoride is a hell of a drug.
7/22/2013Just go away! Dumbassed threads are a waste of bandwidth
7/21/2013Holly wood clones always facinated me - Special needs
7/19/2013Intriguing movie - The Power of Few ~ QuantumKev
7/19/2013Ancha. boston photos
7/18/2013Eu geralmente não dou red karma, mas você merece . tmorais
7/16/2013You are 50000000% a total idiot and need to leave.
7/15/2013Great thread about race baiting.
7/15/2013Keyboard warrior eh?
7/14/2013Op<thats All
7/14/2013You spoke to soon. Watch things unfold the rest of the summer.
7/14/2013Lube up with some chitlin grease and go fuck Travon in Hell.
7/13/2013Intolerant hateful sexist bigot
7/13/2013Great post kama from Gonviral
7/13/2013Fox news thinks theres a war against everything
7/13/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/11/2013Interesting times - KimmieAnnaJones
7/10/2013Boston Globe Video -Truthnow88
7/10/2013Because you're still an idiot.
7/10/2013I agree with your ariel castro thread
7/7/2013Shut the fuck up idiot
7/5/2013I don't like your threads
7/4/2013I'm back again. Happy RED white and blue day
7/2/2013Annoying son of a bitch
7/1/2013Homophobic cunt
6/28/2013Homophobic cunt
6/25/2013No one cares
6/25/2013Learn to respect other peoples opinion
6/25/2013Except Keanu Reeves
6/24/2013Its not obama in the clip you dumb shit. its fake. no one else talks and no other sources. you ruin it for people who actually use critical thinking.
6/24/2013TY! :-) Niemand
6/24/2013Good statement
6/23/2013For fighting them damn filthy fags!
6/23/2013There is NO youtube Trojan. Why lie???
6/23/2013Vergonha de vc.
6/23/2013Sir Griffo
6/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/23/2013You're dumb :)
6/18/2013This guy's good
6/18/20135 star its coming, WF
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