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asiah's Karma

Total: 25 (25  User Votes) and 10

1/15/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/27/2013Waves dildo menacingly
7/28/2013For the lack of rational thinking and mean responses.
5/11/2013Nice - nah
4/28/2013Yup, that pic gets some green.. Spiral
4/28/2013Asiah, no ill will at all - never had any towards you - Sept Man
4/7/2013Thnx asiah
4/6/2013Oh snap, did you just make me wait? LOL
4/5/2013Peaceful greens from Az Axo ;P
3/26/2013"'"**[email protected]%
3/25/2013Fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad fuckwad
3/24/2013Because you need to know unconditional love and forgiveness.
3/23/2013POMPOUS : Affectedly and irritatingly grand, solemn, or self-important: "a pompous ass". i.e. your quote : "I find names to be of nuisance to communication rather than helpful"
3/23/2013Yur kharma sucks, your opinion has no validity
3/23/2013For being open
3/23/2013I love the hugely pixelated avatar
3/23/2013Rock on!
3/22/2013Peace, GT500
3/19/2013Fandango enemy
3/17/2013Funny haha
3/15/2013You spread good vibes PPP
3/15/2013Thank you for your kind words :) much love to you and all those you love - cutetornadoF5
3/14/2013For love and compassion, blessings Paler
3/14/2013Much Love tt 0; )
3/14/2013Some green for you
3/14/2013Blessings to you!
3/14/2013STOP being stupid with Nobody threads...get over it.
3/14/2013God darn jim carey. /calx
3/13/2013Awesome smiley is better late than never ;P azaxo
3/12/2013Needs it

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