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Dead Goon's Karma

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4/19/2013Looking forward to good times. Tayto:-)
4/19/2013Love makes the world go round. :) Sloane
4/19/2013No one ever dies
4/18/2013Thanks for the laugh-Gypsy
4/18/2013You seem to know a lot. who are your handlers - kgb or some type scum religious jews?
4/18/2013F/ the okie dokie yum yum doomsday sex cult w/ love...nice to call out cryptic mole
4/18/2013Shit on Stephen Hawking
4/18/2013Stephen Hawking
4/11/2013Thanks for the reply that's exacty the answer I needed Estella<3
4/9/2013Israel post, HAHAHAHA
4/4/2013Thats a clown question bro
3/26/2013For being an idiot
3/15/2013Little dick
3/15/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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