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DogEye's Karma

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4/11/2014I hope your daughter has a very good life ahead of her --Pumpkin
4/18/2013Please STFU with your posts. Your theory of tptb not useing more than one patsy is ignorant. Troll or Shill watch out for this one.
4/18/2013Karma for you! geminilion
4/17/2013Smart. -DILke
4/15/2013Great points thanks -SteamrolledGobias
4/15/2013Good post on my aspartame thread -- mordier
4/15/2013Puppy pee? Really? O_o
4/14/2013For understanding female
4/14/2013Jesus loves you - Lisa :)
4/14/2013Because you actually admitted you voted for obama! How stupid are you!
4/13/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/13/2013This is a true racist.
4/12/2013A+ -- super bowl dave
4/12/2013Love ya! S*S*D
4/11/2013You're an idiot. The elite use communism, you are brainwashed to be anti capitalist.
4/11/2013Thank you for yor kind words on the bill thread :D -KarinZa
4/11/2013Always with the compliments :D - Comedian
4/11/2013Anti-US Bullshit rhetoric without reference or base. Try again.
4/10/2013Lets hope u get raped/beaten by black bastards - u deserve it for yr stupidity
4/10/2013One parent to another :o)
4/9/2013Same here! that´s why the green karma room now ;) doomina
4/9/2013Totally agree
4/9/2013"Because gasis [sic] so effin cheap now jackass
4/9/2013Dont sweat the red, It means you have something right
4/9/2013Whether green karma or red, give your name, otherwise you're a coward. (green tabasco)
4/9/2013Moaning about karma
4/9/2013Karma bitching
4/9/2013Here is some karma cuz ppl are assholes -numewenon
4/9/2013Figure this out!
4/9/2013Greening out any red....Tyrone
4/9/2013Freshly Tossed Red Karma
4/9/2013Good post. Nice attitude. Sloane
4/9/2013Red is the favorite color of witless Trolls
4/9/2013Red means passion
4/8/2013Well thought out post
4/8/2013Because gasis so cheap now fuckwit
4/8/2013Fuck off, you left-wing cunt.
4/8/2013Well said! Junkyard Lily
4/7/2013US's fault
4/6/2013You need some green even if you are not conservative. = ) Davvi
4/6/2013Balance out the idiots
3/30/2013I hate bullies....Mr2...keep​ up the good work
3/26/2013Fails to realize bush at crawford ranch were working vacations - on a ranch dipshit. stupid fucking shill.
3/26/2013Stupid negro
3/26/2013Great. another retard.
3/24/2013Good point, GT500
3/24/2013The suffering in Syria is unjustifiable - Damrod
3/19/2013You are a shill for sure. FEMA camps don't exist? yeah right
3/17/2013Wise and astute observations re USAs President. =}.
3/17/2013You're a cock
3/17/2013Fucked up world view.

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