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8/25/2014Tell me lies
8/14/2014Cause i gotta, Comet_hunter
8/3/2014For you
7/25/2014Green for you
5/26/2014Oral Sex Is Awesome
5/21/2014"there are LOTS of missing Nigerian girls"--well said---sees
5/12/2014Thanks for the pain/med info....Tazzy
5/5/2014Shovel bump! ~Lady of the Snow
4/28/2014Feel better (sprout)
4/13/2014Here's some green for you. :)
4/13/2014Spring green - Vision Thing
4/13/2014Ask and you receive lol!! ibyte on 2
4/13/2014Green me back eh Bambi2U
4/1/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
2/25/2014For your commnet on uncles thread "what could go wrong"
2/22/2014Get an attorney experienced in this field. You deserve better! Hugs
2/22/2014Great rant on the SS Disability fraud- Nemamiah
1/30/2014No race. only clines. Everything's Alright
11/27/2013Green to ya...saved
11/18/2013I hear ya loud and clear - Chrit
11/9/2013Good posts, cheers...davvi
11/4/2013Oops they forgot to brush that out of the Arizona backdrop picture of "Mars" right on bro. exactly.
10/25/2013Good find. -rorschach
9/20/2013Nailed it...I posted after you and messed something up and got your post in mine...tried to correct it.
9/19/2013For being an ex cop. yuck!
9/11/2013You're a retard.
8/22/2013Yup -DIA
8/22/2013Yes, it sure does, along with the majority of us. When would we suppose that will happen?
8/19/2013M m
8/12/2013Uncle fuck stick
7/25/2013Green for u -- Stereo
6/30/2013All patriots deserve green -- Munsoned
6/15/2013Great solution post! SkinnyChic
6/11/2013A 14 year old kid is not a threat to me, I understand your point though! GT500
6/4/2013Just a regular, run of the mill tard
5/29/2013Fucking fearmongering piece of shit.
5/26/2013For your comment re: blame the jew crowd being A/C - from m&m's
5/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/15/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/28/2013Karma for asking...:)) Chas...
4/28/2013I'm new too!
4/28/2013Karma for you! -- Stereo
4/28/2013A little green for the Noob. - HI.Lander
4/28/2013Noob. _GeoStorm
4/28/2013For you nOoB! weasel keeper
4/27/2013To make up for some of the red. :) AG
4/27/2013The Swan :-)
4/25/2013Yep on bush! ibyte on 2
4/5/2013Send your kid to a mental hospital nincompoop
4/5/2013Fearnonger or Just an aw Wanting a Pin. Wow Must be in The Water! Everyone Has a 5 yr Old Son Who Can Predict Shit.. Well Done Not !
4/5/2013Cool story bro
4/5/2013Oh yes... I'm the great... pretender.... BS on you and your entire "Look at me. My kid said this really odd thing, didn't he. I can't believe it either." Patheti
4/5/2013For your thread about your son - Indysmindy
4/5/2013When I asked my 5yr old about Lil Kim...BULLSHIT, AND FUCK YOU!
4/5/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/4/2013You son is a special child!--Kristina
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