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Chrewman's Karma

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4/22/2015Good bye - aqmah ^_^
12/23/2014"I'll never miss the south..." got ya 1 green karma from SilverKwest ;D
12/19/2014The Old Timer would like to thank you for your kind words on my 60th anniversary....God bless and Merry Christmas
12/15/2014Green from Carol B.
12/11/2014REDNECK: I alwies tell people "It'll be a Redneck that'll save your ass one day....you just don't know it...yet.
11/26/2014No Dhimmi Greenery
11/24/2014Thank you for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
11/18/2014Deadly force is necessary at time! Jager
11/9/2014Vegequeerianism. LOL
11/4/2014Thanks / tropical
10/27/2014Green for you! ~ Bizarre Verewolf
10/1/2014For your wonderful creations that I steal :) abi~
9/7/2014Very interesting!
8/29/2014Nice grid comparison. Perfect match. - Sobriquet
8/12/2014Mountain Woman is Ghetto Monk... Get it? Spread The Word! i Can't Post, They Blocked me. i Can Only View.
8/1/2014"They go to their Website." Truly Amazing! TastyThoughts
6/24/2014Because you said NO (lap)
6/23/2014Chrewman ~ Truman
6/22/2014Good thread! -luckyophelia
6/22/2014Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/18/2014Fantastic post in the boomer thread
6/13/2014You are right, just wait for it..In the mean time here is some free green!sickandtwisted
6/11/2014Fishingnut! you solved the photo mystery.
5/28/2014Hahaha - "imagine if you will..." very funny and horrifically true. best of love to you chrewman - octobersolstice
5/18/2014Preachers Daughter - Anubis
5/17/2014Killer tune! \m/
5/11/2014Funny thread ^_^~Cigar
4/23/2014Green Karma From Max Bacon
1/29/2014Thanks for the obombers old man thread - quite interesting! -ladyannie
1/29/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/28/2014Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/28/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
1/28/2014Obombers Old Man....grumpier
1/12/2014Good simple advice to the heroin thread. Ms.Superduper
1/6/2014Green Greetings from No Dhimmi
1/3/2014Nice post i like that, will use it in the future thanks, the south park agenda
10/30/2013ReligaTURD You are number 157 on my Ignore List
8/29/2013Plus 1, on behalf of Nugent
7/12/2013Thank you for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
6/2/2013Good post in the .38 vs. 9MM thread....indiandave
5/3/2013I dunno I just dig 'm

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