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5/18/2019Leftist feminazi. Here to negate the other asshole's bad karma ;)
5/17/2019Leftist Feminazi
5/17/2019Piece of damn shit
5/17/2019Very good point
4/15/2019Reported Abusive Post
4/15/2019More red for being an idiot.
4/14/2019Reported Abusive Post
4/13/2019What a sorry piece of shit you are. Dumbfuck lefty
4/13/2019Fuck off
4/13/2019Christian bashing vomit
4/8/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/30/2019For ducks. pool
3/30/2019Pizza Baby eater
3/22/2019Have a pleasant weekend! chasity
3/21/2019What In Hell is Left to Eat? - Good thread - Goliathus
3/20/2019This one is a Professional cocksucker.
3/12/2019Not amused either. sorry for what you went through.
3/12/2019One dumb prick
3/12/2019Chaz Bono's inverted nutsack sweat.
3/9/2019Thought you were a dude, lol my apologies. always pretty logical posts though, cheers
3/3/2019Health and vitality for you! LTHN.
3/3/2019Mass shootings suspicions need green. you are on the right mental track. thumbs up
3/1/2019For a great response-sot
2/25/2019Classic native whore its why your going extinct
2/25/2019Quit trying to control the vaginas of women
2/23/2019Idiot liberal
2/23/2019Blaming a rape victim for not trying to snatch the gun away from her rapists.. wow.
2/21/2019Thanks for Magnesium info. - A Chosen
2/9/2019Thanks for your kind word and support on my daughter's help thread! TrustNoOneKS
2/8/2019Good luck stopping smoking. Jet Mac
2/8/2019Enemy of Jesus Christ
2/7/2019Move on whore. funnystrange
2/7/2019Good response Tim Horton's thread. - asymptote
2/7/2019Good post ðŸ‘
2/6/2019Fake fuckwit
2/1/2019Your prayer and revenge thread was interesting. Boris Dragosani, gramma was a half German and an Ojibwe squaw is somewhere in the family tree, too. Lol
2/1/2019Hehe! - Chaos Replicator
2/1/2019I haven't quite figured you out yet but you say some really good things sometimes. - Janedoenut - abortion/man thread
1/29/2019Remote viewing retard
1/26/2019Good posts
1/22/2019Thank you so much for your help. With love, LilMiss
1/22/2019Harvest box -springleak. Also, I fucked your avatar :-)
1/22/2019Stupid whore
1/22/2019Idiot lib
1/21/2019Right back at ya turd burglar
1/17/2019Beeches. - thanks for the smile! seapersons
1/8/2019Shill Alert!!!
1/2/2019Rh- green ~hillbilly
1/2/2019Thanks ... mollz
1/1/2019Nice tranny avi of yourself.
1/1/2019Say wha?
1/1/2019EM, Teller of Lies, Abortion Lover, major Utah angry Dyke
1/1/2019Such retard
1/1/2019Trump bump :)
1/1/2019Queer tranny, go to hell faggot.
1/1/2019Retarded Liberal pussy licking Vegan Dyke Cunt with Hitler hair.
1/1/2019For sucking on Moochelle's penis
1/1/2019Willing to have a gay President/1st Gentleman. Sick.
1/1/2019Why do I care?
1/1/2019Obama loving cock loving faggot
1/1/2019Dont trannywash our kids.
1/1/2019You know why...
1/1/2019Penis breath
1/1/2019Dont breed, there is already an exceptionally large number of idiots in America, you appear to be the ringleader.
1/1/2019Put your girlfriend’s dick back in your mouth and shut up
1/1/2019You better care
1/1/2019Happy new year, fucktard
1/1/2019Fucking Retard
1/1/2019Get back to the city lib.
1/1/2019Warning! Warning! Warning! raving libtard. Value system totally whack.
12/31/2018After you get pounded up your ass for a couple hours and your anus queefs does the walls to your trailer shake faggot?
12/31/2018Go for a hike in a muslim country, and see how they do ya
12/31/2018Suck on Michael Obama's black duck more, libtard.
12/31/2018You were lied to...thats why!
12/12/2018Still an idiot
12/12/2018Trump Supporter
12/12/2018There's no such thing as white privilege, it's bullshit...Quit believing in the MSM fantasy
12/12/2018Can't see the TREES for the forests.
11/27/2018[email protected] pushing sea floor down~Higgs Bozo
11/27/2018Your turn of phrase - so apt! Pooka
11/26/2018100 percent!!
11/26/2018Lol chasity!
11/25/2018For having some common sense...
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